Jeff Probst gives tips to Survivor applicants who want to be on the show, alums provide additional advice

Jeff Probst on the red carpet
Jeff Probst wants to help new applicants be on Survivor. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor host Jeff Probst has some advice for future players.

Jeff took the time to answer questions for people hoping to be on the show.

Many Survivor alums also added their tips on a social media post that went up this week.

“You all have #Survivor audition questions, and Jeff has the answers,” reads the caption of a new Instagram video.

The Survivor Instagram page shared a short video where Jeff talks to the fans.

This could be a valuable resource to anyone who wants to be on an upcoming Survivor season.

Jeff Probst advises future applicants

“The thing we most love in a Survivor audition tape is really simple: We just wanna see you!” Jeff begins the video.

“We just wanna know who you are. You could be climbing Mount Everest, or you could be sitting on your couch with a bowl of potato chips. It doesn’t matter. So long as you’re being authentic,” Jeff elaborated.

“We just want the essence of who you are,” Jeff added.

The full video clip is shared below, where Jeff also details how people can stand out in their casting videos.

Jeff also talks about what he felt was the most unique moment of a past Survivor audition video.

He also gives some suggestions about videos that have won over the casting team.

Survivor alums provide tips for winning applications

“I taped my phone to the window and talked for 3 minutes. No images, no b-roll. It really doesn’t have to be fancy!” wrote Brando Meyer from Survivor 45.

“I recorded myself in my car after working,” added Kellie Nalbandian.

“I propped my cell phone up in my kitchen window and just recorded myself talking for 3 minutes and it got me a casting call back 3 days later!!” posted Katurah Topps.

One Survivor alum decided to go the funny route.

“I climbed Mount Everest in my video, but you can do something much simpler in yours! Anything works!” wrote Brandon Donlon from Survivor 45.

Survivor Alum Tips
Survivor alums offer tips to future applicants. Pic credit: @survivorcbs/Instagram

More Survivor news

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As a reminder, Survivor returns this winter with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, February 28.

Previous seasons of Survivor are also available or streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 debuts on February 28 on CBS.

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