Jeopardy! champion reveals her brother is Survivor ‘mastermind’

Ken Jennings from Jeopardy
Ken Jennings is now the full-time host of Jeopardy!. Pic credit: ©

Jeopardy! champion Juveria Zaheer revealed an interesting family secret.

It turns out that Juveria’s brother appeared on a recent season of Survivor.

Juveria appeared on an episode earlier in 2023 but came up short against Hannah Wilson.

Hannah was a beast on Jeopardy! and lived up to the title of “super-champ” that TV Insider gave her.

While speaking to new host Ken Jennings, Juveria revealed her brother was an “evil mastermind” on Survivor.

Juveria got invited back to compete in the recent Second Chance Tournament, where things turned out much better for her.

Juveria has some bragging rights at home, but her noteworthy family relation is becoming known to more Survivor fans.

A Survivor champion in the Zaheer family

Juveria recently won the two-day Second Chance final on Jeopardy!.

Appearing on episodes at the end of December, she finished with $70,800. That includes becoming only the fourth woman in history to break the $50,000 mark in a single game (she had $51,2000 in her first final win).

Below is a post that Juveria shared from her time on the game show.

A Jeopardy! champion with a brother on Survivor

Juveria’s brother is Oma Zaheer from Survivor 42.

Omar was a strong player on his season of Survivor, finishing in sixth place in one of the newer sped-up seasons.

Survivor 42 was the second season played in just 26 days. The producers shifted Survivor seasons from 39 to 26 days, changing the game forever.

Omar, a veterinarian from Whitby, Ontario, was blindsided by his ally, Maryanne Oketch. Maryanne would later become the Survivor 42 winner.

Survivor 42 also had Mike Turner as the runner-up and Romeo Escobar in third place.

Following her latest appearance on Jeopardy!, Juveria reshared a tweet she made in 2022.

“Finally coming to terms with being ‘Omar’s much less famous sister’. Pray for my ego,” she wrote at the time.

It’s clear from her success on Jeopardy! that Juveria is no longer living in her brother’s shadow when it comes to success on television.

More news from Survivor

A new season of Survivor begins on Wednesday, February 28.

A teaser trailer for the Survivor 46 cast was released. It features footage from their audition tapes, giving an early behind-the-scenes look at the new players.

Jeff Probst revealed some noteworthy tips for people applying to be on Survivor. He also revealed what the producers are looking for in the audition tapes. This could be a valuable resource to future applicants.

Omar Zaheer’s season of Survivor is available for streaming on Paramount+. He was on Season 42.

Survivor returns on February 28 on CBS.

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