Jordan Wiseley fires back at former fiancee Tori Deal’s comments on IG post: ‘Keep your drama off my page’

jordan wiseley in mtv the challenge youtube video
Jordan Wiseley recently told his former fiancee to keep the drama away from his Instagram. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge’s Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal used to be among the top power couples both on and off the show, but now that seems questionable.

On Thursday, the two formerly engaged competitors had an exchange of comments on an Instagram post that Jordan shared, with it all appearing to be about a personal belonging.

Eventually, it came to Jordan telling his former fiancee to keep the drama away from his Instagram, leading some fans to wonder if they were joking or really arguing.

Tori drops by Jordan’s IG post to claim property

On Thursday, former Challenge winner Jordan Wiseley shared a series of shirtless photos on Instagram. They showed Jordan smiling as he was walking with a yellow coffee mug in hand.

“’I’m a ray of f*****g sunshine’ :The Series,” Wisely wrote in the IG caption, referring to what is written on the mug.

That brought plenty of comments his way, including one from his former fiancee, Tori Deal, which seems to have since been deleted. However, fan accounts, including one shown below, captured the comments in a screenshot.

“That’s my mug…,” Tori wrote, appearing to claim ownership to the mug in Jordan’s hand. He seemed to confirm that it was hers too.

“@tori_deal *was,” Jordan replied to correct her, prompting an interesting reply from Tori.

“@jordan_wiseley so you just kick people out and take their s**t…cool,” she wrote.

“@tori_deal ain’t nothing in the house yours anymore. You made your bed…,” Jordan wrote back, prompting Tori to reply with a lot of crying laughing emojis.

“@tori_deal I’d resort to emojis too in this case. Please keep your drama off my page,” Jordan fired back at Tori.

At first, it appeared that the two Challenge stars had some simple banter going on, but it’s entirely possible that it turned into more of a heated exchange between the former couple.

In the comments on Jordan’s original IG post, various fans left compliments or jokes for The Challenge star, while some tried to call out Tori to fire back some more at things he said.

However, Tori seemed to have left the discussion, and removed her original series of comments from Jordan’s post.

Tori shares video about frustrating people

In what could be related to her exchange with Jordan or not, Tori shared a video on her Instagram Story on Thursday. The topic was people who “p** you off” and being more mature than that person, but still wanting to be an “a***hole.”

“Did someone ever p**s you off and you are like, ‘No I am too grown to be involved in that behavior, and then like deep down you’re like, ‘F*** it, I’m still an a*****e,’” Tori says in the video, which ends with a quick and dramatic close up of her face.

Tori and Jordan became a couple through their association with MTV’s The Challenge series, with an epic proposal shown on the War of the Worlds 2 season right after Jordan won an elimination. The two remained engaged for quite some time, even appearing together on the Total Madness season as a couple. In April 2020, MTV’s The Challenge shared a video of the couple talking about wedding plans, just as that season was airing.

However, things seemed to get rocky between the two in the time after Total Madness ended. Rumors even began to fly about possible cheating from Tori on the current Double Agents season. Tori made it known on her Instagram Story that despite footage shown on the MTV show involving castmate Fessy Shafaat admitting interest in her, she didn’t cheat on Jordan.

The couple reportedly were having problems as Tori left to be part of Double Agents. However, Tori admitted in an interview, she and Jordan felt maybe that time apart could help them both. Tori indicated in the interview they were having a lot of issues, and they broke up soon after she returned home from Double Agents filming. However, Jordan reacted to some of what Tori said in that interview on his IG Story with “it’s certainly news to me,” seeming to be surprised by some comments she made.

Both Jordan and Tori shared Instagram posts confirming their breakup right before Double Agents started airing. Their posts indicated that the two still had a lot of love for one another and were excited to go their own ways and see how they each progressed in their lives.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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