Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum Jon Gosselin reveals 32-pound weight loss on Ozempic: ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner?’

jon gosselin Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California
Jon Gosselin is down 32 pounds since February. Pic credit: © Acosta/Image Press Agency

Former reality TV star Jon Gosselin is ecstatic after dropping 32 pounds, and the only regrets not taking action sooner.

Jon — who is best known for his appearance on Jon & Kate Plus 8 — has no shame admitting that he used a popular diabetes/weight-loss drug to shed the unwanted weight.

At the recent Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center West Hollywood grand opening, Jon stopped to chat with Page Six and dished on his experience taking semaglutide, the generic name for Ozempic.

“You know what’s annoying? The regret of not starting it 10 years ago,” Jon told the outlet.

Jon dropped 32 pounds in just two months and couldn’t be happier with his results.

“I feel amazing! Like, why didn’t I do this sooner?” the IT technician-turned-DJ added. “Maybe it wasn’t the right time.”

Jon Gosselin says a stressful lifestyle and poor eating habits contributed to his weight gain

Jon shared that he went through many things emotionally, including going to court, which he admits was “super expensive.”

“It just wasn’t a good time in my life. But now I finally have time to focus on myself,” the father of eight shared.

Semaglutide —the active ingredient in Ozempic — was designed for type 2 diabetes patients but is used off-label for weight loss and has become popular among celebrities to slim down.

Not only has Jon benefited from Ozempic by shedding unwanted pounds, but he’s stopped drinking alcohol and is eating healthier as a result.

In addition to using semaglutide, Jon is also undergoing testosterone therapy and utilizes CellSound, an ultrasonic visceral fat removal technique.

After Jon gave up his job in the IT field, he admits he became complacent about his health while working as a DJ.

Working from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. meant Jon grabbed easy food options like fast food at the drive-through – not exactly a healthy lifestyle.

Jon is against plastic surgery for weight loss

But although Jon is loving his new trimmer physique, he does have limits.

When it comes to getting any plastic surgery to alter his appearance, Jon is totally against it because of his low pain threshold and also because he prefers a more natural approach to weight loss.

“I’m like, ‘Hell no.’ I would never do anything that’s invasive to my body that I don’t need,” Jon said of getting liposuction.

“I’m not super overweight,” Jon admitted. “I just told myself, ‘Dude, you’ve got to stop eating fries. You’ve just got to stop eating drive-thru food.'”

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