Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum Jon Gosselin debuts secret girlfriend after 2 years of dating

Jon Gosselin Paley Center for Media Beverly Hills
Jon is officially off the dating market once again. Pic credit: ©

Former TLC star Jon Gosselin has found love once again.

Following his 2009 divorce from his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum kept a low profile online.

After going public with another seven-year romance that ended in 2021, Jon is now in another relationship with a woman named Stephanie Lebo.

Jon somehow kept his and Stephanie’s romance private for two years, but now he’s opening up about the new lady love in his life.

In an interview with The Sun, Jon shared that he’s the “happiest” he’s ever been since he began dating Stephanie in 2021.

During a recent getaway to the Ette Hotel in Orlando, Florida, Jon caught up with the outlet and gushed over how he met Stephanie.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum Jon Gosselin met his girlfriend Stephanie Lebo through mutual friends

“We met at a backyard barbecue at a mutual friend, Dean’s house,” Jon shared. “It was a hillbilly thing. We let fireworks off; it was fun. I had been single for a few months after [my ex-girlfriend] Colleen and I broke up.”

Jon previously dated Colleen Conrad from 2017 until 2021 before meeting Stephanie.

As Stephanie explained, it was also her birthday, so Jon brought her a gift in the form of a “special lotus candle” that spun around when she opened it.

After the party, Jon tagged Stephanie in an Instagram post when mentioning the candle, and soon they were DMing each other regularly.

“We started DMing each other, and after that, we just never stopped talking,” Stephanie shared.

After just a couple of days of talking online, Jon invited Stephanie on a date, and she accepted. While at the gym, Jon asked Stephanie to join him at a bistro.

Their first date went well, and as Jon explained, it was fate.

“I wasn’t looking for anything, and neither was she, but it just happened,” the father of eight added.

Stephanie wasn’t bothered by Jon’s fame or controversies

Stephanie is a former beautician who currently works as a research analyst. Per her Instagram profile, Stephanie has one daughter from a previous relationship.

And although Stephanie knew who Jon was before they met, admittedly, she didn’t watch more than a few episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and wasn’t a fan of the TLC show.

Even Jon’s controversial relationships with his ex, Kate, and some of their children, didn’t scare Stephanie away from dating him.

Jon says that things are going well between him and Stephanie, two years into their relationship.

“We are really happy and in love. We are very comfortable with each other. It just fits,” Jon added. “Plus, all our friends are the same people, instead of ‘Your friends’ and ‘My friends.'”

It looks as though Stephanie gets along with at least some of Jon’s kids too. In an Instagram post dated May 2023, Stephanie paid tribute to one of Jon’s daughters, Hannah, on her birthday.

“Happy birthday sweetheart. @hannahjgosselin We love you,” she wrote in the caption. “May all your wishes and future endeavors come true. Here is to another trip around the sun with your goofy, selfless, full of love, beautiful soul! 🤍”

Jon and Kate Gosselin were married from 1999 until 2009 and share eight children. Their twin daughters, Madelyn and Cara, are 22 years old, and the world-famous sextuplets, Aaden, Collin, Joel, Leah, Hannah, and Alexis, are 19.

Seasons 1 through 5 of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Seasons 1 through 6 of Kate Plus 8 are currently streaming on Discovery+.

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