Robyn Brown sporting thinner physique in candid shots as Sister Wives critics suspect she’s using Ozempic

Is Robyn using a weight-loss drug? Pic credit: Discovery+

Has Robyn Brown jumped aboard the Ozempic bandwagon? Sister Wives viewers think she may have after seeing a recent candid photo.

Robyn was spotted doing some shopping at the grand opening of Scheels in Chandler, Arizona, about a two-hour drive from her and Kody’s home in Flagstaff, Arizona.

A Sister Wives viewer uploaded some candid shots they snapped of Robyn while she shopped til she dropped, and her thinner appearance was shocking to some.

Kody’s fourth wife was clad in a short-sleeved white floral top, dark-washed jeans, and black sandals as she walked around with some of her children in tow.

The 44-year-old mom of five wore her brunette hair in a half-up-half-down curly style and looked focused on shopping other than spotting the Sister Wives fan who was snapping candid shots of her at one point.

The Sister Wives fan uploaded the photos to Reddit and captioned them, “Sobin Robyn spotted.”

robyn brown candid shots from reddit
Robyn was seen shopping in Arizona. Pic credit: u/Foreign_Angle_3041/Reddit

While many Redditors in the thread commented on Robyn’s style choices, there were some who noticed that Robyn is looking extra slender these days.

Sister Wives fans speculate Robyn Brown used Ozempic to drop some weight

“Looks like she has lost weight,” pointed out one such Sister Wives viewer.

In response, another Redditor theorized, “It could also be the difference between angles of OP and production. She may not be as big as we’ve thought from the show, or she could finally be getting her thyroid treated.”

sister wives fans discuss robyn brown's weight loss on reddit
Is Robyn losing weight? Pic credit: u/Foreign_Angle_3041/Reddit

In response to the chatter regarding Robyn’s weight loss, another Sister Wives fan felt that Kody’s favorite wife has dropped the weight rather rapidly and surmised that perhaps she’s using the wildly popular diabetes drug, semaglutide (brand name Ozempic), to shed some unwanted pounds.

“Her face is sunken like what happens when you lose weight too quickly. She’s probably taking Ozempic or similar,” they wrote.

Robyn’s comments about Kody’s other wives’ weight angered Sister Wives viewers

Speaking of weight, Robyn made some comments during the Season 17 Tell All about her former sister wives’ weight that angered Sister Wives viewers.

While speaking with host Sukanya Krishnan, Robyn implied that Kody’s other wives should consider themselves lucky that he kept a romantic relationship with them even though their physical appearance changed over the years.

“When I came into this family, I knew, and I saw that when there’s stretch marks and there’s weight gain, and there’s like stagnancy — you know, you’re being stagnant in the marriage — or there’s fights, or there’s money problems, or whatever it is, he still had this romance going with each of them,” Robyn told Sukanya.

Kody hasn’t explicitly stated that Robyn is his favorite wife, but his actions have made it quite clear. In fact, his behavior has driven away his other three wives, Christine, Janelle, and Meri, leaving Robyn to have Kody all to herself.

Although that seems to be what she and Kody have been aiming for all along, Robyn said during the most recent episode of Sister Wives that she’s “angry” that she and Kody’s marriage is headed toward monogamy.

“I’m really angry. I wanted to live plural marriage, and I feel… like I’ve been starting to feel a little tricked or something, or like people are making decisions for my life that I did not choose,” Robyn confessed. “It’s making me very angry and very depressed.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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S Henderson
S Henderson
4 months ago

Fake Robyn! If she turns her lip down one more time & fake cry I’ll vomit!

Marianne Toich
Marianne Toich
4 months ago

Since the only wife Cody is being intimate with is Robyn, it would be no surprise if she indeed was expecting.