Jon Gosselin’s ex defends Collin amid Kate Gosselin’s accusations: ‘Only 3 visits from his mother’

Collin Gosselin and Colleen Conrad IG selfie
Colleen poses for a selfie with Collin. Pic credit: @colleen.conrad122/Instagram

Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum Collin Gosselin found support from his dad Jon Gosselin’s ex-girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, amid the accusations made against him by his mom, Kate Gosselin.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Collin has come under fire from some of his family members, including his mom Kate and his older sister, Madelyn “Mady” Gosselin.

Kate alleged that Collin suffers from behavior issues and has been “violent” towards her and other family members, prompting her to enroll him in an institution where she says he received “multiple psychiatric diagnoses.”

Mady defended her mom’s statements in her own Instagram Story message, accusing her brother of exhibiting “hateful” and “violent” behavior.

Amid the allegations, Collin has found support from his father, Jon, with whom he lives after he was granted sole physical and legal custody after Kate no-showed their custody hearing.

Also showing support for the famous 19-year-old sextuplet is Jon’s ex-girlfriend of seven years, Colleen Conrad.

Jon Gosselin’s ex-girlfriend Colleen Conrad slams Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum Kate Gosselin for ‘unfounded accusations’

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Colleen shared a carousel of photos of herself and Collin over the years. Along with the photos, Colleen uploaded a lengthy message in her caption, pointing out that Collin has proven himself to be anything but what his mom, Kate, says he is.

“I recently learned of derogatory statements made about Collin Gosselin and felt compelled to defend him,” Colleen began her caption.

She continued, “Collin is not only someone I love dearly but has also been a significant figure in my family’s life. He is currently at boot camp for the Marines and he’s unable to defend himself.”

As Colleen noted, Collin lived with her until he turned 18, even after she and his father, Jon, had broken up. Seeing him every day, Colleen said that Collin displayed nothing but respectful and kind behavior toward her, shooting down accusations that he was a “violent” or “dangerous” teenager.

Colleen added that she knows plenty of others who would agree with her position and pointed out that he’s endured plenty of challenges in his 19 years.

Colleen also seemingly took a jab at Collin’s mom when she wrote that Kate only paid him three visits during the three years he was institutionalized.

Jon’s ex went on to praise Collin for achieving a 4.0 GPA, earning an award at his ROTC banquet, taking himself off all medications two years ago, and disproving his previous diagnoses with the help of his own team of psychiatrists.

Colleen continued to take aim at Kate in her caption as she subtly accused the former TLC star of making “unfounded accusations” against her estranged son.

“Collin will always be part of my family, and I’ll support him, no matter what comes our way,” Colleen wrote. “That’s what family does.”

Jon defends his son Collin and blasts his ex-wife Kate Gosselin

It seems that Kate and Mady are the only ones who believe Collin is a danger to others. Jon recently refuted Kate’s “false” accusations in a statement to The Sun.

Jon fired back at his ex-wife, putting her on blast for skipping out on Collin’s custody hearing and accusing her of “inexcusable horrific past behavior” toward their son.

Collin is currently at boot camp for the Marines, so he hasn’t responded to the chatter surrounding his personal life. However, last year, he told Entertainment Tonight that his mom’s statements about him were “unfortunate.”

“It’s unfortunate that that’s how my mom, you know, phrased me as a person,” Collin admitted. “You know, I don’t see those things, and I don’t think anybody else sees those things, but if that’s how she sees me, then, you know, that’s her point of view.”

Seasons 1 through 5 of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Seasons 1 through 6 of Kate Plus 8 are currently streaming on Discovery+.

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