Jinger Duggar brags about Jeremy Vuolo ‘spoiling her,’ shows off birthday adventures

Jinger Duggar Counting On confessional.
Jinger Duggar shares her birthday adventures. Pic credit: TLC

It looks like 28 started on the right foot for Jinger Duggar.

She gushed about how Jeremy Vuolo “spoiled” her on her big day.

While the Duggars may have snubbed her, it looks like Jeremy and her friends made it special for her.

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What did Jeremy Vuolo do for Jinger Duggar?

Jinger Duggar shared some of what she and Jeremy Vuolo did while celebrating her birthday yesterday. The Counting On star turned 28, and it looks like her hubby made sure she felt like a queen.

She wrote, “@jeremy_vuolo spoiled me for my bday yesterday. ? Breakfast at the Coffee Cup Restaurant, Shopping for hours, Dutch Haven for soft pretzels and Whoopie pie.”

Shopping is something that Jinger adores. She used to spend hours in thrift shops with her sisters, something that was featured on episodes of 19 Kids and Counting.

Jeremy planned a day around everything she loves, showing just how much he loves and appreciates her. The two shared photos from where they ate and shopped, making it the perfect birthday.

Where does Jinger Duggar stand with her family?

There has speculation that more than just Jill Duggar is on the outs with the Duggar family. It has been years since she was in the fold, and now, it looks like Jinger Duggar may be part of that as well.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo put out a harsh statement regarding Josh Duggar, calling him a “hypocrite.” That reportedly set Anna Duggar off, as she was angry the Duggar siblings would betray her husband. They aren’t the only ones who spoke out, but their response wasn’t the cookie-cutter statement that Jim Bob Duggar likely hoped would come.

Since moving to California, Jinger hasn’t made much of an effort to return to Arkansas. She has been busy traveling with Jeremy as they build a life together on the West Coast. Several of her siblings have visited her, with Jana Duggar flying out multiple times since she moved.

As things get back to a new normal following Josh Duggar’s guilty verdict, it will be interesting to see if the family will repair the strain and come together or if this was the final straw for some relationships.

Her family may have snubbed Jinger on her birthday, but it seems Jeremy Vuolo made sure to let her know how special she is with all the spoiling he did.

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Judy Webster
Judy Webster
2 years ago

Jinger & Jeremy seem to be the only decent ones in the Duggar clan. Striking out on their own and living their married life. I cannot imagine how Jeremy feels about these Christian pretenders. They had formed their own cult for greed. God bless the children for breaking away. I can only hope someone somewhere fights to remove the younger children from the parents.

2 years ago

Happy for her! How dare her parents dumb her! That tells what kind of people they really are. Forgive a sex addict and child predator, but not your daughter who spoke her mind.