Jill Duggar slammed after sharing ‘childproofing’ post on Instagram

Jill Duggar on Counting On.
Jill Duggar shares a lot on social media. Pic credit: TLC

Jill Duggar is criticized a lot on social media. From ranting about her two young sons to posting a child’s coffin photo, everything she does is scrutinized.

In her latest Instagram share, Jill Duggar revealed she is childproofing her house for the third time in three years. While that may seem odd to newer followers, it isn’t for long-time fans.

She has moved a few times in those three years. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard bought a home earlier this year. It looks like she has finally gotten around to childproofing their new living quarters. Of course, that sparked a bunch of comments that weren’t so nice.

A follower asked Jill Duggar why she needed two different color drills and the bit cases to go along with each. She preaches about being frugal, which is also something the commenter mentioned. Someone else chimed in revealing they believe it is all about the likes.

Jill Duggar's Instagram comments.
Jill Duggar is slammed on Instagram. Pic credit:@jillmdillard/Instagram

It has been suspected that Jill Duggar would like to be an Instagram influencer. She is often seen promoting businesses and MLM products. Most recently, Jill promoted a skincare company. While she has never confirmed it, the evidence is in what she shares on social media.

Jill Duggar has received plenty of comments on Instagram.
Jill Duggar’s followers think there is more to her sharing pictures. Pic credit: @jillmdillard/Instagram

Among the criticism was some positivity as well. Jill Duggar received some support from other moms who talked about their childproofing endeavors. There were also a few questions about whether she may be expecting again.

At this point, it is unclear if Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are planning to expand their family. They share two children and both births ended in c-sections for the Duggar daughter. Their little boys are just a few of the grandchildren Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have. It is unlikely that Jill is expecting another baby, but if that is the case, she is in the running for the second married Duggar child with the most children.

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