Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick blasts Vinny Guadagnino for remarks at Family Vacation reunion

angelina pivarnick face shot from the jersey shore family vacation reunion
Angelina Pivarnick appears at the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation reunion. Pic credit: MTV

During the Family Vacation reunion, Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino faced backlash from his castmate Angelina Pivarnick over his criticism of her dancing skills.

The two cast members continue to share a unique dynamic throughout their time on the show, which often becomes flirtatious.

While sometimes presented as great, flirty friends, they also get into heated arguments due to Vinny’s comments.

An argument seemed like it might get set off during the upcoming reunion special after host Justina Valentine asked Vinny about his social media remarks.

Vinny initially commented about his castmate’s lap dance, referring to it as “mid.”

After Justina mentioned it to him, the Jersey Shore star stood by his remarks, with Angelina seeming offended by his critique.

Angelina blasts Vinny over his remarks during Family Vacation reunion

Justina mentioned during part of the Family Vacation reunion that “it seemed like the crowd loved Angelina’s lap dance,” but then Vinny “posted it was mid.”

“So what’s my girl have to do?” Justina asked him, suggesting he could critique how she could be better in her career as a dancer.

“I like the strip clubs in Queens with like the booties twerking,” Vinny said, referring to the types of women he prefers to see dancing.

“I’m a hard audience for that,” he said about Angelina’s performance before admitting, “But it was good.”

“It was mid, but now you’re saying it’s good, so pick one,” Angelina told him.

“It was…mid,” Vinny said, getting laughs from castmates but not Angelina.

“It was not mid,” she fired at Vinny, who sarcastically replied, “It was the best lap dance I’ve ever seen.”

During previous episodes of Family Vacation, Vinny mentioned his work as a Chippendale dancer, potentially giving him room to critique his castmate.

In February, a clip from Jersey Shore’s TikTok featured castmates supporting Vinny at a show in Atlantic City.

During the event, Angelina gave him a lap dance on stage, which featured Vinny joking around with her. After the hijinx, Angelina laughed about it as she lay on the stage.


things are HEATING UP 🔥 in AC when the fam visits Vinny at #Chippendales 🤪 see you tomorrow for an all-new #JSFamilyVacation at 8p on @mtv! #jerseyshore #jerseyshorefamilyvacation #atlanticcity #party #vinnyguadagnino #angelinapivarnick

♬ original sound – Jersey Shore – Jersey Shore

Fans fired back at Angelina’s reunion behavior

While it’s unclear if Angelina was seriously irked by Vinny’s remarks or playing up the drama, fans pointed out issues with the Jersey Shore star appearing unhappy about it.

“When is Angelina gonna learn they say stuff to offend her. Honey let it go. You don’t need Vinny or any other man’s approval for that matter!” a commenter wrote.

Another individual asked why Angelina cared so much about Vinny’s opinion.

“Doesn’t she have a fiance?” the commenter asked.

screenshot shows comments from fans on jersey shore clip about vinny and angelina
Jersey Shore fans weigh in. Pic credit: @jerseyshore/Instagram

One commenter suggested Angelina “needs to fire her therapist,” while another said she should admit she’s “in love” with her castmate.

Family Vacation Season 7 has presented multiple storylines focused on Angelina’s struggles, including stressful times involving her biological father and fiance. Reliving those could affect her attitude at the reunion.

The Family Vacation reunion might feature even bigger arguments, with Angelina and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola rehashing their drama that played out on screen during Season 7.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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