Jersey Shore: Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s fiancee Saffire Matos shows off ‘beautiful voice’ as she sings in new video

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Saffire Matos on Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Saffire Matos showed off her singing voice in a recent post. Pic credit: MTV

Saffire Matos, fiancee of Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, has a secret talent she’s been hiding from fans.

Her followers were shocked recently when she posted a video to her Instagram page.

In the post, Saffire was holding a microphone, sitting in front of Christmas decorations as she quietly sang a song.

The comment section of her Instagram page was filled with positive comments as several people were pleasantly surprised at how nice her voice sounded.

It’s unclear if singing is a hobby for Saffire as she’s never posted anything like it before.

Regardless, the short clip left fans wanting to hear more from her.

Saffire Matos shows off ‘beautiful voice’ in latest post

Saffire’s followers showed a lot of love for her in the comment section of her post and fully supported her singing talent.

Several people chimed in and let Saffire know that her voice was “beautiful.”

Followers thought Saffire's voice was "beautiful."
Followers thought Saffire’s voice was “beautiful.” Pic credit: @saffirematos/Instagram

One commenter loved her voice so much that she wished Saffire would “sing more.”

One commenter wanted Saffire to "sing more."
One commenter wanted Saffire to “sing more.” Pic credit: @saffirematos/Instagram

When one person commented, “Since when!!” another person, who seemingly knows Saffire personally, replied and explained that she has been singing since she was much younger.

They also shared that Saffire “definitely has a singing career & we are patiently waiting on her.”

A follower revealed Saffire's been singing since she was young.
A follower revealed Saffire’s been singing since she was young. Pic credit: @saffirematos/Instagram

Saffire Matos and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro have had some trouble in their relationship

Saffire’s recent post comes following the revelation that she and Ronnie had taken some time apart to work through some issues in their relationship.

Despite becoming engaged earlier this year, the two have had some ups and downs. Many of their issues have been obvious to their fans as they’ve followed and unfollowed each other on social media and removed and added pictures of one another on their individual pages.

Saffire even did a couple of Q and A’s with her fans in which she remained coy when it came to questions about her relationship with Ronnie.

The two of them started seemingly breaking up and getting back together so often that fans started to wonder if they were faking the entire thing just to get attention.

The couple most recently appeared to be back together as Ronnie shared a photo of the two of them in LA.

Jersey Shore fans became concerned when Ronnie and Saffire didn’t appear with the rest of the cast as they started filming the new season at the Isla Bella Beach Resort in the Florida Keys last month.

It’s unknown at this time if they will make an appearance when the new season officially airs.

At this time, the premiere date for the new season remains unknown.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus on MTV.

All episodes of Jersey Shore are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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