Jersey Shore: Angelina Pivarnick’s fiance fires back at critic about ‘unsolvable task’ after home incident

angelina pivarnick face shot from jersey shore family vacation reunion
Angelina Pivarnick addressed the Season 7 drama at the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Angelina Pivarnick’s fiance, Vinny Tortorella, told those criticizing his relationship to “respectfully mind your business” as he deals with a currently “unsolvable task.”

His response to online critics came days after headlines that Angela received multiple charges for an incident at her New Jersey home.

The criminal charges she’ll appear in court for next month included an assault and resisting arrest. However, details about the incident at her home remain unknown due to confidentiality.

Following the news, fans noticed Angelina’s recent social update, which caused many to speculate about her relationship situation with Vinny, whom some call “Vinny 2.0” as a nickname.

It also brought comments from individuals on Vinny’s social media, with some even offering advice to her fiance.

However, he shot back a lengthy response to one critic about “childish comments” from individuals to him on social media. Angelina also appeared in the comments on the post to address a critic saying she was “fighting” with Vinny.

Angelina’s fiance fired back at an online critic

On Sunday, Vinny shared a photo of himself posing in a dark, empty room that may have been part of a gym. He held his phone and wore a black tank top, green sweatpants, and Converse sneakers for the selfie.

“Happy Sunday One day I’ll figure out the lighting in here,” he wrote in his caption, which included the hashtags “#fitnessmotivation,” “#mensfitness,” and “#fit.”

Vinny received various remarks on his posts. Some commenters mentioned his situation with Angelina amid their engagement, potential relationship struggles, and her recent charges.

“You really need to get your girl help,” a commenter wrote on his post.

“It’s really sad to see this spiral with her. This is not love or healthy relationship. Youre enabling her ways by staying,” the commenter wrote.

Vinny replied to the comment, saying he is “one of the few, that is staying the course of this mayhem, to attempt to help someone I love. Even after getting run through a smear campaign.”

“It’s easy for everyone to chime in with their opinions. For example: strangers like you and friends/family that say they hope and want the best for someone else. But I don’t see anyone stepping up and tagging themselves in. How about some offered help and relief for me?” he commented.

instagram screenshot as vinny tortorella replies to online critic about relationship woes
Vinny and a fan chat. Pic credit: @vinnyhandsome/Instagram

Vinny’s remarks continued as he said, “everyone pokes the bear” through the “100s of childish comments on his page.”

“Please don’t speak on enabling anything, like I’m proud of this embarrassment? When you’re not living in my shoes, attempting to help, a yet unsolvable task, respectfully mind your business. Thank you,” he said.

He didn’t elaborate on the “unsolvable task” or “embarrassment” he was referring to. However, his remarks arrived a week after the alleged incident at Angelina’s home. It also came days after fans noticed that the Jersey Shore star removed content featuring Vinny from her Instagram.

Angelina also fired back at remark after her charges

Another commenter on Vinny’s IG post asked, “why did Angelina delete all the comments?!?” and added, “I wanted to get a good laugh.”

“Right 😂 or maybe Vinny deleted them, they are probably fighting rn,” a commenter replied.

That prompted Angelina to enter their comments thread and shut down that remark.

“Nah we aren’t good try,” she wrote.

instagram screenshot of angelina pivarnick reply to critic on vinny post
More comments from Jersey Shore fans. Pic credit: @vinnyhandsome/Instagram

Angelina had a drama-filled season with Jersey Shore Season 7, which recently aired a two-part reunion special filmed weeks ago. Among the storylines that featured Angelina were finally meeting her biological father and potential relationship issues with her fiance, Vinny.

In one episode, she mentioned those potential issues to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his wife, Lauren. Later in the season, Angelina indicated she and Vinny were doing better and working on things, as he traveled with her to meet up with castmates at one of the Family Vacation getaways.

Vinny found himself trying to assist Angelina in her ongoing drama involving her castmate, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola. During one cast trip, he attempted to play peacemaker as he and Sammi’s boyfriend, Justin May, suggested the women try to put their drama aside and coexist.

Based on his appearances at the end of the season, things were going well for him and Angelina, but it’s important to note production recorded the episode footage a while back.

Angelina’s recent arrest and podcast remarks

Last week, Angelina released a new episode of her Um Hello? podcast, also recorded earlier this year. She mentioned trying not to watch too many of the current season’s episodes so she could escape the “toxicity” of all the drama.

The podcast episode also featured a brief discussion of Angelina’s drinking, as she revealed she had cut back on her drinking since starting the podcast.

Her arrest last Sunday included multiple criminal charges, and she’ll head to court in July to answer for them. As mentioned, authorities are keeping details about the alleged incident under wraps due to confidentiality, so it’s unclear to what extent it involved Vinny.

Angelina’s attorney released a statement following the arrest indicating the alleged incident occurred due to an “averse reaction to over-the-counter prescribed medication.”

It’s worth noting that days before her alleged incident and arrest, Angelina appeared in an Instagram Live and fired back at several commenters. One of them asked what her “mental health diagnosis” was, and she told them that it was between her and her therapist.

She also shut down critics who continue to suggest she is “bipolar” or “on drugs.”

Angelina and Vinny got engaged last year, with footage of his proposal in front of her castmates presented on a Jersey Shore: Family Vacation episode.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is currently on hiatus for MTV.

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