Jennifer Aydin shares update on her relationship with Melissa Gorga, says ‘I would love to be friends with her’

RHONJ stars Jennifer Aydin and Melissa Gorga.
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin says some progress has been made in repairing her friendship with Melissa Gorga after a disastrous Season 10. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin has opened up about Season 10’s reunion episodes that found her at odds with co-star Melissa Gorga.

During the tense reunion, Jennifer called out Melissa for creating a fake storyline about wanting to freeze her eggs to potentially have another baby. The conflict erupted when Jennifer said, “Who are you kidding? She’s not gonna have a baby. A – she’s way too self-absorbed.”

Since then, Jennifer and Melissa’s relationship has continued to be strained. And, although they made soft amends early in Season 11, too much time has been focused on Teresa Giudice’s conflict with Jackie Goldschneider to make space for reconciliation between Jennifer and Melissa.

However, during a recent chat with Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap, it seems that the two RHONJ ladies may be able to patch things up after all.

Jennifer explains Season 10 reunion

Jennifer opened up to Housewives Nightcap hosts Emily Orozco and Lauren Herbert when they asked if viewers see her and Melissa “come closer in a friendship?”

“I definitely think so,” Jennifer shared. “I mean, I enjoy her shore house when we’re there. And, for me, I kill ’em with kindness. I always give compliments to people. Like, I’m not ashamed of that.”

According to Jennifer, when the reunion rolled around for the cast, she prepared herself to face off with the three-some of Melissa, Margaret Josephs, and Jackie Goldschneider.

“With Melissa, when we were going into reunion – the thing with all of that is that I feel that Melissa, Margaret, and Jackie all have a very strong friendship. Great. Wonderful. I love that,” Jennifer said. “And I knew, going into that reunion, that I was going into the lion’s den.”

She continued, “And, although Dolores and Teresa are on my team, so to speak, I know that sometimes when it comes down to defending me. Sometimes they may stay mute.”

Jennifer clarified that it was fine with her if Dolores and Teresa opted to stay out of it because she’s a big girl who can handle herself.

Can Jennifer and Melissa ever be friends?

“They [Melissa, Margaret, and Jackie] love to stick together. So, my best, like, defense was my offense,” Jennifer said. “And that’s how I went in into the reunion. Like that. I was totally on guard and ready for anything they were gonna throw at me.”

She also admitted that she was anything but a doormat during the reunion and said that she has at least attempted to make amends for that rough reunion with Melissa.

“And I was stern. [A] hundred percent. But I apologized to Melissa for that because ultimately, I would love to be friends with her and move forward. And, listen, she’s a fun drunk,” Jennifer continued.

She concluded, “Melissa don’t [sic] bother me. I don’t know if she’s bothered by me, but she doesn’t bother me at all. And I think she’s lots of fun.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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