Jenelle Evans still not seeing her mom Barbara, wants to protect Jace from the media

Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2
Janelle is concerned for her son Jace’s privacy. Pic credit: MTV

Jenelle Evans, formerly of Teen Mom 2 fame, recently revealed that she no longer speaks to her mom Barbara and wants to protect her son Jace from the media.

Co-parenting has just gotten harder for mom-of-three Jenelle Evans. Her mom Barbara has had custody of her eldest son Jace for years.

Barbara filed for custody in early episodes of Teen Mom 2 while Jace was just a baby, and Jenelle willingly signed over custody of her firstborn son.

Jenelle was a hard-partying teen mom who frequently neglected Jace, prompting Barbara to take legal action in Jace’s best interests.

Recently, Jenelle revealed that she and Barbara are “currently not on talking terms” and only speak to each other for weekend drop-offs and pick-ups.

Jenelle also disclosed that she recently filed in court to make Jace’s custody case private, claiming the reason is to protect her son.

She told Us Weekly, “Jace is back with my mom, and I have filed to go to court and make the case private.”

She continued, “I did that for Jace’s protection because … he is old enough now to where, if it’s in the news, I don’t need him reading that or getting upset.”

Jenelle and Barbara have had their share of ups and downs

Jenelle made some statements recently that were unclear about where exactly Jace was living. She claimed in a TikTok video earlier this year that she had full custody of Jace and blamed it on Barbara not being able to handle his behaviors.

Barbara cleared up the air when she told TMZ she still had full custody of Jace, and Jenelle still only has visitation rights. Barbara also said that she had called Jenelle after hearing the claims and Jenelle alleged that she “misspoke.”

Although Jenelle and Barbara aren’t currently on speaking terms, the two were posing happily together as recently as December of last year.

Taking heat from family, fans and social media is nothing new to Jenelle

Fans of the show know that Jenelle, also mom to Kaiser and Ensley, has a troubled past. When viewers first met Jenelle, she was sneaking out and leaving Jace with Barbara while she partied and got in trouble with the law.

Jenelle recently received heat for defending her husband David Eason and for calling out other Teen Mom 2 cast members.

The 29-year-old, who was recently diagnosed with a rare spinal disorder, has stirred controversy consistently since her early 16 and Pregnant Days. However, she has recently been aiming at portraying herself in a new and improved light.

Jenelle is taking strides to improve her public image lately

Jenelle recently announced that she’ll be hosting a podcast called Girl S**t and has been sharing lots of video footage of her home life. She’s received some backlash, however, over her food choices for her kids.

Jenelle’s Girl S**t podcast launches tomorrow, April 1, and fans of the show will certainly have plenty to talk about after listening.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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