Jen Shah apologizes for telling Meredith Marks’ separation news to Heather Gay

Jen Shah during an episode of WWHL with Andy Cohen
Jen Shah apologizes for telling Heather Gay about Meredith Marks’ divorce during an episode of WWHL Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah has been known to stir the pot during recent episodes of the show.

While her drama with Mary Cosby has been her main storyline, she’s also managed to get into some trouble with her friend Meredith Marks.

In a conversation with Heather Gay, Jen let it slip that Meredith and her husband Seth Marks had separated.  Meredith hadn’t been completely open with the other housewives about her marriage and several fans thought it was wrong for Jen to share the personal information.

Jen’s revelation came shortly after she confronted Meredith at Whitney Rose’s 1920s themed party.  Jen was upset that Meredith had attempted to befriend Mary.

Jen apologized to Meredith for yelling at her at the party but did not make mention of the separation comments.

During last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, a fan asked Jen, “Do you regret telling Heather about Meredith’s separation?”

Jen responded and said, “No because Heather’s my girl and it wasn’t a secret. Like, the separation was not a secret, so…”

Michelle Buteau, another guest on the show, jumped in and asked, “But was it your story to tell honey? We wanna know that part.”

Jen then grabbed a large microphone and said, “Was it my story to tell? Nah nah nah nah, it wasn’t.  But, you know, Heather’s my girl and so I was talking to her, and, and, Heather already kind of like, knew what was going on. But, you’re right…Ok, I’m sorry.”

Andy was proud of Jen for owning up to her mistake and for her apology.

Meredith and Seth’s relationship issues

Meredith’s relationship with her husband Seth has been a major part of her storyline so far this season.

Recent episodes showed the tension between the couple.

While on a dinner date, Seth became frustrated that Meredith would never let him see her phone.  He claimed that he would let her see his phone at any time and implied that she had something to hide.

Meredith explained why Seth was adamant about seeing her phone and said he saw it as a way to openly communicate with one another and learn what went on in each other’s day.  Meredith, however, felt it was an invasion of privacy and that the messages on her phone are meant for her and the person she spoke with only.

Following the date night, Meredith picked Seth up at the airport after he returned from Ohio.  While on the car ride home, Seth asked Meredith if she’d consider a permanent move to Ohio to accommodate his work schedule.

Meredith became frustrated with the suggestion because she had moved their family several times over the last few years based on his career.

Meredith and Seth take space

When it was time for Seth to return to Ohio for work, things came to a head between him and Meredith as he was packing his bags.

The couple shared an emotional conversation in which Seth offered to give Meredith space to figure out what she wanted.  He became emotional and told her that separation was not what he wanted.

The two hugged before Seth left and Meredith confirmed they were still separated and would talk again after taking some time apart.

It’s unclear whether Meredith and Seth remain married or if the couple ultimately decided to go their separate ways.  Fans can continue to watch their relationship issues play out on this season of RHOSLC.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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