Meredith Marks admits that separation from husband Seth isn’t new – RHOSLC star’s marriage has been on and off for years

Meredith and Seth Marks sit down for a confessional interview for RHOSLC.
Meredith and Seth Marks sat down for a confessional interview on RHOSLC. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks admits that she and her husband Seth Marks have been secretly separated for years.

Meredith got candid about her on-again-off-again marriage on Us Weekly’s Getting Real with the Housewives podcast.

“The separations we’ve had have been on and off for years and we’ve even dated other people from time to time,” Meredith explained on the podcast.

She revealed that she hadn’t told a single person about their complicated marriage until she joined RHOSLC.

“It was not something I really wanted to talk about,” she confessed. “But I had to and was forced to talk a lot more than I even wanted to by some of the women and that to me is not being a good friend.”

She then admitted that she wished that her friends had more respect for her privacy. She seemed to hint that her marriage will become a central topic of drama on upcoming RHOSLC episodes.

How the separation has impacted her family

Meredith confessed that she and her husband were so secretive about the situation that they hadn’t even told their children.

“Our own children didn’t know we were separated, and we were living in the same home, raising our kids, trying our best to keep a strong parental front for our children,” she said.

Looking back, she admitted that she regrets her decision to hide the separation from her kids.

“I know why I did it for my own family and I know my intentions were good, but I’m not sure it was really the right choice. My kids were surprisingly very supportive,” she added.

What is their current status?

Meredith is trying to keep the current status of their marriage under wraps to not give away any RHOSLC spoilers. This may mean that they made a big shift in their marriage throughout the course of the season.

However, Meredith admitted that whether they remain married or not, Seth will always be an important part of her life.

“We have three beautiful children together. We basically grew up together,” she said on the podcast. “I mean, we met at 23 years old, so we’re always going to have a relationship together and above and beyond that.”

Viewers got a look into their separation during the past two episodes of RHOSLC.

During the premiere, Seth was out of town for business during Meredith’s birthday and had their son Brooks decorate the place in roses for him.

Meredith was visibly upset that Seth wasn’t present for her special day.

On the second episode, Meredith and Seth sat down for dinner and openly discussed their separation for the first time. Seth wanted to have a deep conversation about their relationship, while Meredith wanted to have a fun time out.

Additionally, Seth seemed to think Meredith was hiding something from him. He insisted that he would be fine with it if she checked his phone to initiate a conversation about privacy, but Meredith repeatedly turned down the offer.

Meredith teased that fans will just have to wait and see what happens in their marriage.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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