Janelle Pierzina says she has COVID-19, Big Brother legend reveals symptoms

Janelle Pierziina has COVID-19
Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina revealed her COVID-19 diagnosis. Pic credit: Janelle Pierzina/YouTube

Janelle Pierzina from Big Brother 22 just alluded to receiving a COVID-19 positive diagnosis on social media.

The four-time veteran of Big Brother took a moment to share some symptoms that she says she is going through while also working some humor into the situation.

Janelle also seemed to be hinting at the enjoyment she was having by being able to self-isolate.

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I think one of symptoms of Covid is extreme bitchiness/irritability. Other than that I’m feeling great! Thank goodness I don’t have to be around people right now. Self isolating has always been my thing so I’ll be fine [sic],” Janelle wrote on a Twitter post.

Almost immediately after posting her note on social media, many, many fans and followers have stopped by to leave well-wishes for her.

Hopefully, we get an update on her condition soon, but it sounds like she is taking everything in stride.

More news about Janelle Pierzina

Recently, Janelle spoke about the first five All-Stars that were invited to participate in Big Brother 22. It was an interesting group of players that she said were contacted first, and it shows how close fans were to seeing a season packed with some of the best players the game has ever seen.

Janelle has also started up a YouTube channel where fans can keep up with what is going on in her life. She recently shared a video as her family went out in search of the perfect Christmas tree and then they decorated it on camera.

Nicole Anthony also had a discussion about Janelle during one of her recent podcast episodes. On it, Christmas Abbott served as a guest, and she claimed that she had to vote out Nicole because of Janelle. It seemed like an odd bit of revisionist history.

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Big Brother 23 on the horizon

A new season of Big Brother has been ordered by CBS and it is preparing to air in summer 2021. For anyone hoping to possibly make it on to the BB23 cast, applications are still open.

Julie Chen also recently stated that she had been pushing hard for a new season of Celebrity Big Brother, but that CBS didn’t want to order it yet. She used the keyword “yet,” which seems to indicate that the network may re-visit the idea later.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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