Jana Duggar shows off California photos after returning to Arkansas

Jana Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jana Duggar is sharing her California memories with followers. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar is back home in Arkansas and sharing a glimpse into the weeks she spent in California with her sister, Jinger Duggar, and brother-in-law, Jeremy Vuolo. 

She stayed longer than her siblings this time around. Jason and James Duggar left California to head to the Colorado slopes, and Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth visited for just a few days during the California vacation. 

This isn’t the first time Jana visited Jinger, as the two were filmed for Counting On when they shopped on Rodeo Drive. 

Jana Duggar’s California reel 

On Instagram, Jana Duggar shared a reel of some of the photos she took while in California. 

She added music to it as the slides and some videos played.  Her caption was, “C A L I F O R N I A ☀️”

There were sightings of her siblings, including James, Jason, and Jinger Duggar, throughout the reel. While the boys shared some of their vacation photos earlier, these appeared to be during different points in Jana’s vacation. 

Michelle Duggar was also spotted in the reel. She hadn’t been photographed or shared much, leaving followers to wonder how long she stayed in California and whether she flew back to Arkansas with Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth or waited for Jana before returning home. 

What has Jana Duggar been up to? 

For the most part, Jana Duggar has been quiet on social media. She fell into a scandal in December when it was revealed she had been charged with endangering the welfare of a minor in September 2021. The incident happened at the big house, and right after Josh Duggar’s guilty verdict was rendered, the news about her leaked. 

Amy Duggar King was the first family member to speak out about Jana but was followed by James and Jason Duggar standing up for their big sister in a funny way. After seeing several unkind comments, Jessa Duggar got in on the action when she spoke out and asked followers to give Jana “a break.” 

The situation has been handled, and Jana took off to California shortly after everything was taken care of with the court. 

It looks like Jana Duggar had a fun time in California and is sharing her adventures with her followers after taking a social media break from Instagram while spending time with her siblings on the West Coast.

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