Jana Duggar shares girls’ day photos, spends time with mom and younger sisters

Jana Duggar in a confessional.
Jana Duggar spends a girls’ day with sisters and mom. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar is getting more active on social media.

The Counting On star has been quite active in the new year, and her recent post shared some photos of her younger sisters looking all grown up.

Shopping and grabbing lunch are two things the Duggar girls love, and that is exactly what was featured in Jana’s girls’ day post.

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Jana Duggar shares updated photos of younger sisters

On Instagram, Jana Duggar shared a slew of photos from her girls’ day with her mom, Michelle Duggar, and her four younger sisters.

Josie, Jordyn, Jennifer, and Johannah Duggar were all present and posed for a selfie from their lunch table. Jana was at one end of the table, while Michelle was at the opposite end.

The other photos included some snaps from shopping, with funny poses and an adorable picture of Jana and Johannah being goofy together. Johannah is growing up, and she resembles her big sister, Joy-Anna Duggar.

What have the Duggars been up to?

This is the first time in a while all of the younger Duggar sisters have been shown on social media lately. 2021 has been a tough year for the family, with many siblings not posting as much or limiting their comment section to avoid the backlash from Josh Duggar and his child pornography charges.

The main Duggar account hasn’t been as active as it has been in recent years. Typically, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar celebrate all the kids’ birthdays with a big post, and this year, none of that happened after Josh’s arrest.

Jana Duggar will be celebrating her 32nd birthday in just a few days. She and John-David Duggar are the second and third oldest Duggar children, and with that came more responsibility for her. Jana has been dubbed the “family Cinderella” for years now, as she remains the caretaker for several of the younger siblings.

Without Counting On anymore, fans and followers rely on the Duggars to post updates on social media. So far, several of them are good about that. Jedidiah Duggar shared his gender reveal with followers, Jeremiah Duggar shared his engagement, and Jana Duggar shared moments from the big holidays with her followers.

It appears the Duggars are going to be more active on social media in 2022, with Jana Duggar stepping up her game with photos of girls’ day and some reels she appears to enjoy making.

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