Jag Bains just hurt his Big Brother jury management even further

Jag as the Secret HOH
Jag Bains was Big Brother 25’s Secret HOH. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 25 live feeds have revealed new conversations between the final three houseguests.

It appears that Jag Bains still hasn’t figured out how jury management is integral to winning the game.

Cirie Fields was upset with Jag’s goodbye message, and she said as much during her exit interviews.

Cirie also took those negative feelings with her to the jury house.

America Lopez also spoke about becoming a bitter juror after she wound up on the block next to Cory Wurtenberger.

Based on the footage from the jury house, America has doubled down on her bitterness toward how Jag has played the game.

Jag lies to Bowie Jane or Matt Klotz

Below are some spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds over the past week.

Jag promised Matt that if he won the final Head of Household Competition, he would take Matt with him to the final two.

The duo has spoken, at length, about honoring their alliance and getting the Minutemen to the end.

Outside of their conversations, Matt and Jag have each talked to other people about turning on the alliance, but they keep returning to the same page.

Jag had a chance to cut Matt when he won the final Veto Competition, but instead, Jag sent Felicia Cannon to the jury house.

And now, Jag has also promised Bowie Jane a spot in the final two. The pair chatted recently, where Bowie Jane forced Jag to give her an answer. He eventually caved.

This reveals a problem for Jag. He has made the same promise to two people.

A potentially bitter jury on Big Brother 25

Jag set a new Big Brother record this season. He was a competition beast who could win any challenge.

But despite all those wins, he might fall short in the social game. There might be enough jurors who like Matt or Bowie Jane better than him.

Matt hasn’t come close to winning as many challenges, but some jury members may send a message with their votes.

And if Jag sends Bowie Jane, or Matt to the jury, they will remember the promises Jag made to them this week.

This could lead to a dramatic few segments as the BB25 jury speaks and then votes for the Big Brother 25 winner.

Here is an episode preview for the November 9 season finale.

Host Julie Chen Moonves stated that a big holiday announcement is coming from the Big Brother Universe.

There are also new rumors about a Big Brother Legends season.

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