Jade Cline gushes about friendship with Briana DeJesus, says she gets along with all of Teen Mom 2 cast

Jade Cline during an episode of Teen Mom 2
Jade Cline opens up about her relationship with her Teen Mom 2 costars and her friendship with Briana DeJesus in particular Pic credit: MTV

Jade Cline did an Instagram Q and A recently and responded to fan’s questions about her life and Teen Mom 2.

Some of the questions revolved around her relationship with Sean Austin, which has been surrounded by drama so far this season.

A fan asked about the current status of their relationship, and Jade confirmed the couple was doing great.  She also reminded fans that Teen Mom 2 was filmed several months ago and a lot of what fans watch now are things they’ve already dealt with and moved past.

In addition to her confirmation that she and Sean were doing well. Jade opened up about her relationship with her Teen Mom 2 castmates.

A fan asked, “How are the other cast members in “real life”?? Anything like we see?”

Jade replied that she doesn’t see many of them in person except for when they film the reunion episodes.  She reminded the fan that they all live in separate parts of the country and are busy raising their families.

Jade and Briana’s friendship

While Jade said she got along with all of her costars and they remain supportive of each other from afar, she pointed out a special bond she shares with Briana DeJesus in particular.

Jade mentioned a vacation the two of them took last year and said, “I adore her and her family.  She’s a great friend to me and somebody I can trust.  Plus she’s a Gemini so we just get each other lol…”

She continued, “…I can keep it real with her and she always laughs and has great advice, all-around a good friend.  I love you bri.”

Jade Cline opens up to fans about her relationship with the rest of the Teen Mom 2 cast
Jade Cline opens up to fans about her relationship with the rest of the Teen Mom 2 cast Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

Jade and Briana both joined the Teen Mom 2 cast much later than costars Kail Lowry, Leah Messer, and Chelsea Houska.

Briana joined the cast in 2017 after filming 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3.  Two years later, Jade left Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant and replaced Jenelle Evans after she was fired from the franchise.

Teen Mom 2 replaces Chelsea Houska

When Jade joined the cast of Teen Mom 2, she replaced Jenelle who was known to cause drama amongst her castmates.  Jenelle got in several arguments with Kail and was known to call Chelsea and Leah out on social media on several occasions.

Since Jenelle’s departure, the women have appeared to have a great dynamic and remain positive and supportive of one another for the most part.  The one exception would be that Kail and Briana have had issues in the past but they seem to have put most of that behind them.

After Chelsea announced the current season would be her last, MTV revealed that Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Ashley Jones would be joining the cast.

Fans wondered whether the addition of Ashley would cause drama amongst the women.  Ashley and Jade have not always gotten along in the past.

After Jade joined Teen Mom 2, she and Ashley got into a heated argument during a reunion episode.  The argument eventually ended with security escorting Ashley off of the stage.

While Jade claims to get along with the women on the show, it’s unknown how she feels now that Ashley will be joining them.  Fans will have to tune in to the new season to see just how much Ashley’s presence stirs things up.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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