Teen Mom 2 update: Are Jade Cline and Sean Austin still together or did they break up?

Jade Cline and Sean Austin during a recent episode of Teen Mom 2
Are Jade Cline and Sean Austin still together after all the drama on Teen Mom 2? Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline has had a few ups and downs with baby daddy Sean Austin so far this season.

The most recent episode showed the couple in a heated argument while out to dinner for their daughter Kloie’s birthday.

The argument is the latest drama in their on-again-off-again relationship.

Fans have wondered whether the couple is still together.  Most recently, in September, Jade interviewed with Heavy and said she and Sean were doing okay.

Jade also said that she would not confirm whether she and Sean were dating.  Neither one has posted photos of the other in recent Instagram posts.

Jade and Sean’s history

Over the last few years, Sean has struggled with addiction.  Because of his addiction, he and Jade have broken up and gotten back together several times.

During recent episodes of Teen Mom 2, Sean appeared to be staying clean and proved that to Jade by taking urine tests.  Jade even trusted him enough to take care of Kloie alone while she went to Vegas for the weekend with friends.

Following her Vegas trip, things seemed to take a turn for the worst in her and Sean’s relationship.  Jade became more snippy with Sean and appeared to have hostility toward him about money issues.

Sean went to the store to buy alcohol for Jade and her friend during a recent episode.  When he returned with more than he was supposed to purchase, Jade became short with him and gave him an attitude.

Jade also appeared to have little to no patience for Sean when it came to parenting Kloie.  When Kloie wasn’t behaving, Jade yelled at Sean.

Jade blows up at Kloie’s birthday dinner

Jade finally erupted at Sean during a birthday dinner for Kloie.  Jade’s parents were also present at the dinner despite their rocky relationship with Sean.

The fight started after Sean insisted he could not work while studying for his GED.  Jade was aggravated by his lack of motivation and the two of them argued and threw insults back and forth in front of their daughter.

Jade’s mother asked them to stop fighting but Jade could not hold in her anger at Sean.

Jade stepped away from the table and had a conversation with her mother and said how frustrated she was.  She said that there was no reason Sean couldn’t work while getting his GED because she worked while going to school too.

Jade admitted she wanted to break up with Sean. Jade’s mom expressed that she wanted to support her daughter but she had a hard time standing up for her because she didn’t want to be the bad guy if they made up and were on good terms again.

Based on recent episodes, things aren’t looking good for Jade and Sean. Jade has yet to confirm or deny whether the couple is still together.

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