Jade Cline caught between Sean Austin and her parents in Teen Mom 2 drama-Who is lying and who is telling the truth

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline
Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline caught in the drama between her daughter’s father and her parents. Pic credit: MTV

In the most recent Teen Mom 2 episode, Jade Cline finds herself between a rock and a hard place.

Jade’s parents and her daughter’s father, Sean, got into a huge argument that turned physical after Jade found drug residue in her bathroom.

The cameras weren’t filming when this incident occurred, but producers spoke with each family member to hear their side of what happened.

Jade told her friend Marissa that she, her parents Christy and Corey, and Sean got into a huge fight. The police were called, and eventually, she told everyone to leave her residence.

“Sean came out of the bathroom, and I go in there, and I see something on the counter,” Jade said to her friend. “Like residue. I’m like, ‘What the f*ck is this? What the f*ck is going on?'”

Her mom Christy believed it to be drug residue.

Jade confronts Sean about drug residue

Jade said she confronted Sean, and he said, “It’s not me, it’s your mom.”

The next day, her stepdad texted her and said, “I’m telling you there’s something you need to see.”

Jade’s parents put a hidden camera in their room, and her Dad said, “There’s a video of Sean going up into our room and planting a drug pipe.”

The viewers will see this video, and it’s clear that it’s Sean. It is unclear what he has in his hand and if he actually planted something.

From there, Jade told Sean he wasn’t seeing his daughter unless they went to court, which led to Sean and her dad getting physical.

Jade’s dad told Sean, “F*ck you, bitch,” as Sean said he wanted to kill Corey.

Jade said the two were on the stairway on top of her fighting each other, and Sean was bleeding everywhere, and her dad’s rib was broken. Jade picked up Kloie and went to her mom, screaming, “Call the police, call the police!”

Christy and Sean have conflicting stories

One of the producers spoke to Jade’s mom Christy, who believed Sean set them up and insisted she didn’t want any of this for Jade.

That’s why she and her husband left. The couple stayed with Jade and Sean off and on as they previously dealt with addiction and not keeping jobs.

“This breaks my heart for her and Kloie,” Christy told producers. “It’s horrible.”

Sean said that Jade believes the drugs belong to him.

“I know for a fact she should have gone straight to her parents because I’m not doing drugs,” Sean stated. “That part of my life is behind me.”

When asked about the video, Sean said, “I got a phone charger out of their bedroom. They said I stashed a dope pipe in their room.”

He also added, “The worst decision we ever made was letting her parents stay with us. I just miss my daughter. And I shouldn’t have to not see her, because I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Jade ultimately allowed her parents to come back to live with her as they have nowhere else to go. Jade’s grandmother closed her restaurant, so she, Sean, and Christy are unemployed at the moment.

“Dealing with people who have addiction issues, it’s literally exhausting,” Jade said. “I think they’re all a bunch of f*cking liars half the time, so it’s so hard to believe anything that anyone says.”

Jade concluded that she is really depressed and has so much anxiety but also, “I really just need back my peace. I want my home back.”

So who do you think is telling the truth?

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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