Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline reveals she’s forced to close down her businesses

Jade Cline
Jade Cline is being forced to close her businesses. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline is a businesswoman.

Ever since she started filming Teen Mom 2, she’s been trying to do something good for herself, her daughter and her family.

Shortly after Teen Mom 2 stopped filming, she graduated from school and became a licensed cosmetologist.

Then, she dove headfirst into a new business venture, but like so many others, she’s now experiencing hardships.

On Twitter, she revealed that she’s being forced to close both of her businesses.

Jade Cline’s income is affected

In a Twitter post she shared early this morning, Jade revealed that she was sad that she was essentially being forced to close both of her businesses.

She didn’t specify what those businesses were. Back in November 2019, Jade revealed she was planning on opening up her own hair salon, where people would be able to get their hair done. This would definitely be the kind of business that would need to shut down given the coronavirus circumstances.

Jade didn’t reveal what other business she was referring to. At one point, she did talk about possibly starting a cake business. While she didn’t actively promote it, users on Reddit guessed that she had been shut down or forced to close because of health and sanitization issues.

As it was pointed out on the Reddit thread, there are regulations in terms of baking and selling goods from your own kitchen as a business venture.

Jade Cline is already being forced to stop filming Teen Mom 2

Yesterday, it was revealed that all Teen Mom productions for both Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have come to an end for now. All in-field producers and camera teams have been sent home to self-isolate, including the cast members.

It is possible that Jade is referring to Teen Mom 2 being her other business, as she does have to show up for filming, is under contract, and does treat it like work. Rather than it being a job, she could see it as a business opportunity and a freelance job.

Right now, Jade may have some extra time on her hands as she deals with the shut-down of both her businesses. As many of her followers replied to her, they were also affected by the shutdown and some wondered how they would be able to pay for the bills and pay their employees until the businesses were allowed to reopen.

Jade is located in Indianapolis, so she’ll have to follow the regulations put forth by the Indiana state government.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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