Jackson Michie from Big Brother 21 creates a watermelon-cutting tutorial

Jackson Michie On BB21
Jackson Michie was the Big Brother 21 winner Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie created a watermelon-cutting tutorial that he has now shared with all of his fans. It’s a video that is quite on-brand for the former Big Brother houseguest and it might just prove useful to anyone that needs help cutting up some watermelon to enjoy this summer.

For anyone who watched the Big Brother live feeds during the summer 2019 season, it was very evident that Jackson loves eating watermelon.

It seemed like every day of BB21 Jackson was snacking on some of it or preparing it in bulk for that week. Each time the Storage Room was replenished, it always seemed to be packed with watermelon.

It’s good that Jackson sees the humor in creating this video, but it also shows how much love he has for watermelon. It seems to also answer the question that nobody asked: Is there such a thing as eating too much watermelon?

Jackson Michie teaches people how to cut a watermelon

“HIGHLY REQUESTED HOW-TO ?,” Jackson captioned an Instagram video.

He then posted a series of hastags: “#howto #howtocutawatermelon #diy #instructional #watermelon #watermelonsugar #watermelonsugarhigh #summer #summertime #summervibes.”

He doesn’t speak in the video that is shared below, but it shows how Jackson has become very adept at cutting up watermelons in very little time. The tip that he shows off is that he does most of the cutting right in the serving bowl. It’s a neat trick.

A new season of Big Brother has begun

Big Brother 23 just got started on CBS and it has introduced a brand new group of houseguests to the fans. Almost immediately, though, the BB23 cast was split up into teams. And that’s how the cast will play the game for the first few weeks.

A group of BB21 cast members got together to celebrate the beginning of a new season, taking to social media with quite a few images of the fun times that they had reuniting. It mirrors what many fans have been enjoying through the first few days of the new season.

The first Head of Household for the summer is Brandon “Frenchie” French and he is very confident about how he could soon become the Big Brother 23 winner. In fact, Frenchie already told the producers to write him the check right now.

The new season has also come with an increase in the cash prize going to the Big Brother winner. The winner from BB23 is going to get a nice $750,000 for their efforts this summer. When she saw the huge cash prize on the line, BB13 winner Rachel Reilly said she wanted to play the game again. She even says that she is ready to go for Big Brother 24.

This summer season is going to be a bit shorter than a normal season, which is a tad disappointing, but also understandable. The Big Brother 23 season finale is already on the CBS schedule for September.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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