Jackie Goldschneider names Teresa Giudice as cast member most likely to sell stories to the press

Jackie Goldschneider claims Teresa is the most likely to leak a story.
Jackie Goldschneider claims Teresa is the most likely to leak a story. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldschneider continued to shade costar Teresa Giudice off-camera as she labels her the most likely to sell stories to the press of the entire RHONJ cast.

During Season 11 premiere, Teresa and Jackie did not get off to a good start. Based on the drama that went down, it’s clear the two will spend the season feuding.

During an interview on People’s Reality Check, Jackie continued to divide the line between her and Teresa.

People correspondent Daryn Carp initiated a game called The Most with Jackie Goldschneider. Daryn asked Jackie challenging questions, and Jackie had to answer with the name of one of her RHONJ castmates.

One of the questions Daryn asked pondered which RHONJ cast member was most likely to leak stories to the press.

“Teresa,” Jackie promptly answered. “Yeah, I think her. I think she has a different ethical threshold than other cast members.”

The shade certainly didn’t go unnoticed by Daryn or any fans, for that matter. Jackie’s answer isn’t surprising, though, considering Teresa was the one who spread cheating rumors about her husband.

Jackie also proclaimed Teresa as the most likely to hold a grudge adding, “She still hasn’t let go of anything that happened the first week I was on the show.”

Teresa and Jackie went at it during the RHONJ Season 11 premiere

The RHONJ Season 11 premiere served some piping hot tea!

During the premiere, the women reunited for Jackie’s husband, Evan Goldschenider’s, birthday after months of not seeing each other due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While Jackie was having the time of her life celebrating her husband, Teresa was spreading gossip throughout the party that Evan has been cheating on Jackie at the gym.

Margaret Josephs, Jennifer Aydin, and Melissa Gorga all expressed that they were mortified by Teresa’s behavior — especially at Jackie’s husband’s birthday.

Word got back to Jackie that Teresa was spreading baseless rumors about her husband, and she asked Teresa to meet up so they could hash it out.

Jackie throws Teresa’s daughter, Gia into the mix

The heated discussion went down at Margaret’s place. Margaret listened, becoming more of a nervous wreck as Jackie yelled, “I need you to admit this was a lie!”

Teresa refused to do so.

Eventually, Jackie claimed Teresa spreading a rumor without evidence was the same as if she were to say she heard a rumor that “Gia does coke in the bathroom.”

Teresa lost her composure at the mere mention of her daughter’s name and left the house screaming a string of expletives.

While Jackie stated it was just an analogy, Teresa, Gia, and several of her castmates thought Jackie’s analogy went too far.

Viewers are eager to tune in Wednesday to see where this feud goes next.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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