Gia Giudice responds to Jackie Goldschneider’s ‘analogy,’ calling the RHONJ star’s actions ‘inexcusable’

RHONJ daughter Gia Giudice.
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Gia Giudice is firing back at Jackie Goldschneider for her ‘analogy’ insinuating that Gia does drugs. Pic credit: Bravo

Season 11 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has begun, and it’s just as dramatic as fans have hoped it would be. During one of the first conflicts of the season, OG Housewife Teresa Giudice butted heads with co-star Jackie Goldscheider when she decided to repeat rumors about Jackie’s husband being unfaithful.

Teresa claimed that she had heard that Jackie’s husband, Evan Goldschneider, was cheating on her while he was at the gym.

That led to Jackie bringing Teresa’s eldest daughter, Gia, 20, into the mix with an ill-received analogy that has landed her in hot water.

Jackie’s ‘analogy’ insinuated Gia does ‘coke’

After hearing that Teresa was repeating rumors she claims she heard from other people, Jackie all but begged Teresa to admit that she made the rumor up and that the entire situation was a lie.

Teresa refused to admit that the accusations were false and this pushed Jackie into making an unusual comparison. Through her frustration, Jackie likened her husband’s rumors to repeating that she had heard Gia “does coke in the bathroom.”

Since making the comment, fans have been divided in whether or not Jackie’s analogy was over the line. And while some may feel that Jackie had a right to make the comparison, others aren’t so sure.

Gia, herself has now weighed in and calls Jackie’s actions “inexcusable.”

Gia responds to Jackie’s comments

Taking to Twitter, Gia shared her feelings on the situation and she isn’t willing to forgive Jackie’s comments.

“Saying it was an analogy is making it excusable, it’s not,” Gia began the post. “My character is now being questioned. My name was used to make a point. No one should be used in that way.”

Gia continued to explain the impact the statements have had on her.

“I am suffering the consequences for such an outlandish and untrue statement. While her marriage is happy & in tact,” she concluded.

screenshot of Gia Giudice's tweet regarding Jackie Goldschneider's analogy.
Pic credit: @TrueGia/Twitter

And although Gia feels that she is the only one stuck with the impact of Jackie’s words, she doesn’t seem to be the only one who suffered because of the situation as a whole.

In fact, during a chat with LIT Entertainment News, Jackie shared that the entire confrontation is the reason she stepped away from filming this season. She admitted that the show films their real lives and after the fight with Teresa she couldn’t fathom going on vacation with her the next day.

“So I had to step back a little bit because that was authentic to me, and that’s what I would do in my real life, and the show is about my real life,” she shared.

It doesn’t seem that Jackie and Teresa have managed to work out their differences. However, fans will have to continue tuning in to see the fallout of their massive argument.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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