Izzy Wouters throws shade at past Below Deck and Below Deck Med crew members

Below Deck star Izzy shades Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White from Below Deck Med.
Izzy called out Ashton Pienaar on social media and fans loved it. Pic credit: Bravo

Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters has thrown some shade at past Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean crew members and fans are applauding her.

The Season 8 deckhand blessed fans by going live on Twitter during the recent episode. Captain Lee Rosbach was so right when he praised Izzy’s one-lines.

Even on social media, her witty charm shines through, making her tweets so enjoyable for fans.

One Twitter user kicked off Izzy’s hilarious remarks, commenting on how Izzy has become a totally different person working on deck. A fan reply suggested Izzy’s change had to do with working with a “good supportive manager.”

“There are many reasons, but you’re not wrong,” Izzy tweeted.

Viewers watched as Izzy butted heads with chief stew Francesca Rubi, making Izzy’s time as a stew miserable. Elizabeth quickly took Izzy’s spot as the stew struggling to deal with Francesca.

Izzy’s whole demeanor changed the second she moved to the deck team. Bosun Eddie Lucas praised her work ethic almost instantly, giving her a nice thank you pep talk.

Dissing Ashton Pienaar

Fans will recall Ashton Pienaar berated Rhylee Gerber several times during Season 7 of Below Deck. One of those times was about tying a specific type of knot.

The incident was not lost on Izzy after footage of her teaching deckhand Shane Coopersmith how to tie a line knot aired.

“See. It is possible to teach someone to tie a bowline instead of demeaning and belittling them. Ahem,” Izzy wrote and tagged Ashton.

Izzy calls out Ashton on Twitter
Pic credit: @WoutersIzzy/Twitter

The comments section was flooded with praise for Izzy and Eddie. There is no question Eddie has kept his word that he is no Ashton or Malia White.

Slamming mean girls Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White

Speaking of the first female bosun Malia, Izzy threw some much-deserved shade her way too. The deckhand didn’t leave out Captain Sandy Yawn either, although she didn’t refer to either of them by name.

When a fan shared Izzy was killing it on deck and that it was nice to see a woman thrive in the position, Izzy had the best reply.

“Thank you! Gotta repair the damage that was done on med,” she tweeted.

Yep, Izzy was totally right. The Below Deck Med mean girls certainly gave women in power a bad name.

The current season of Below Deck has an interesting dynamic to it. There are a few crew members that are falling short, but not Izzy Wouters. The deck team has grown fond of her work ethic, while viewers enjoy her humor.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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