Is Izzy Wouters dating anyone after coming out? Below Deck star shares love life update

Below Deck's Izzy Wouts gives fans an update on dating life after coming out.
Izzy gets real about dating and coming out in the public eye. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Izzy Wouters has given fans an update on her love life after coming out last year.

It has been a whirlwind few months for Izzy, who quickly become a fan favorite since premiering on Season 8 of the hit Bravo yachting show. Izzy keeps fans entertained each week with her one-liners and witty humor.

The Australian native has also shown her vulnerable side a couple of times on the show. Izzy shared she had been sexually assaulted in a heartbreaking moment with bosun Eddie Lucas and deckhand Rob Phillips.

Now, the newly promoted lead deckhand got real with E! News about her dating life since coming out and being in the public eye.

Is Izzy dating anyone?

Izzy currently lives in New Zealand, one place that has not been plagued with COVID-19, so she can actually go out and meet people.

The Bravo personality did admit to E! News that she isn’t actively going out to meet someone right now. Instead, Izzy has been focused on getting to know people via apps and online, calling it her “ho phase.”

Coming out has put Izzy on a whole new dating path, and she’s ready to enjoy the journey.

“It’s been fun being able to explore this side of myself,” Izzy shared. “Because, you know, I kind of realized this at the start of last year because, before that, I just assumed I was bi.”

Adjusting to life in the Below Deck spotlight

Izzy has been called a lesbian icon online, a title she doesn’t feel suits her. The deckhand thinks of herself as an awkward, kind of outspoken, little gangly thing.

Eddie would certainly disagree with Izzy’s assessment. He has often called her a bada** on the Bravo show.


Although she has received a lot of support since coming out, Izzy admitted adjusting to life in the public eye has been hard because of the haters and criticism. It has forced Izzy to develop thick skin.

Izzy admitted the one thing she feared about coming out publicly was that people would accuse her of trying to “extend my 15 minutes” or that she was only seeking attention. Thankfully those two things did not happen, and the positivity has been overwhelming.

“People now in my community reach out to me and chat to me and like slide into my DMs. It’s been really fun,” Izzy shared with E! News.

Izzy Wouters has not found a significant other yet, but she sure has been enjoying dating life. Fans should expect to hear more on Izzy’s love life at the Below Deck season 8 reunion.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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