Is Hilary Spivey speaking out a problem for Jim Bob Duggar?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on Counting On.
Jim Bob Duggar may have a nightmare on his hands with Hilary Spivey. Pic credit: TLC

Could Jim Bob Duggar have a nightmare on his hands where Claire Spivey’s mom is concerned?

That may be the case as she continues to speak out about the family and the show.

So far, nothing she has said has been bad. Hilary Spivey did confirm that she had filmed for Counting On and that Justin Duggar would be marrying her daughter in 2021.

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While those tidbits haven’t been too much, it could be much worse if she continues to talk.

What does Hilary Spivey say?

Most of her comments have come on Instagram. She and her daughter both have Counting On fans who follow them and asked questions about the relationship between Claire and Justin.

It is clear that Claire has no problem talking about her experience. In fact, she even told a follower that the courtship announcement filmed for Counting On was a formality and they had been courting ahead of that being shot.

For her part, Hilary has revealed that her daughter will wed Justin this year, but a date will not be announced. The general consensus is that it will be sooner rather than later, especially with Justin purchasing a home from Jim Bob Duggar to get the ball rolling.

Recently, she confirmed that the couple is not living together in Texas, but that Justin had been visiting the family when they experienced snow. There were photos posted, which is what prompted someone to ask about the living situation.

Other public nightmares for the Duggars

The very public rift between Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their daughter Jill hasn’t done them any favors. They finally released a statement about the situation, confirming things weren’t as smooth as they had wanted viewers to think.

Also, after the fallout of Josh Duggar’s back-to-back scandals in 2015, the family had to work hard to get back to where they were. It’s been almost six years, and while they have their new show, Counting On, the loss of 19 Kids and Counting was a hard pill to swallow.

Hilary Spivey likely understands what something she says could cost Jim Bob and Michelle, and they have likely talked about it. The two families spent time together back in October when they attended Family Alert Camp.

For now, it seems her comments are under control, but one wrong statement and things could get interesting for the Duggar family.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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