Claire Spivey reveals she and Justin Duggar kept their courtship ‘quiet’ for months, Counting On announcement was a formality

Justin Duggar is marrying Claire Spivey.
Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey’s relationship timeline has been questioned. Pic credit: TLC

Claire Spivey isn’t afraid to speak up when she needs to.

There have been a lot of questions about her relationship with Justin Duggar, especially when it comes to the length of time they have courted.

Counting On viewers saw the family announcement during the Season 11 season finale, but Claire claims they were courting for eight months prior to that even.

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She and Justin filmed that portion with the video chat in May, making their relationship known to all of his siblings. Obviously, the Duggars and the Spiveys knew everything ahead of time, but they chose to remain quiet about their true relationship for several months when it came to their siblings.

The timeline is questionable

Back in September, the announcement about Claire Spivey and Justin Duggar courting was made official. Viewers knew that the video was likely filmed in advance, but the four-month lapse was a little surprising.

On Instagram, a follower asked Claire for specifics. They said, in part, “I have a genuine question! I noticed you said you and Justin courted for 14 months, but on Counting On you announced to the family in May. Is there a stage before official courtship that you guys were in prior to announcing to the family?”

Not skipping a beat, Claire responded, in part, “We announced to the family for official documentation in May!! Until that time, everyone knew we were close “friends” and we chose to not say we were official till May. So it was 14 months, we just kept 8 of them quiet. [winking emoji]”

They announced their engagement just one day after Justin Duggar turned 18. Based on the timeline Claire Spivey has revealed, the two began seeing one another just before he was turning 17.

Claire Spivey responds to follower.
Pic credit: @clairespivey01/Instagram

When will Claire Spivey and Justin Duggar tie the knot?

Hilary Spivey, Claire’s mother, revealed that the couple will be getting married in 2021 but the date will not be made public. This is typical for the Duggars, but despite trying to keep everything under wraps, a few of the weddings (Josiah and Lauren’s) have been leaked.

Many followers have questions about the COVID restrictions and if they will be followed. Typically, Duggar weddings have over 500 people, and sometimes way more. With the backlash they are already getting for their maskless gatherings for the Christmas holidays, this could be a bigger deal than the family thinks.

As followers wait on a new season to return, there are still plenty of questions about the timeline of the relationship and why things were kept quiet for so long, including leaving the Duggar siblings in the dark.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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