Is Beth Bice open to dating other MAFS men?

MAFS star Beth Bice screenshot
Beth Bice talks about her dating life. Pic credit: Lifetime

Beth Bice has been very vocal about her lack of desire to date again after her messy split from her estranged husband Jamie Thompson.

However, what if she were to date another Married at First Sight alum? Would she be open to that?

The red-haired beauty was asked that question during a Q&A with her social media followers.

That’s not the only thing she dished about. People also wanted her opinion on the current season with the Denver cast.

Several alums, including the outspoken Beth, have bashed the Season 17 cast for their complete lack of respect for the experiment.

Most recently, Beth and Season 1 alum Jamie Otis blasted them for turning the show into a joke, and she just had another shady response about the season.

Would Beth Bice date another MAFS star?

The Married at First Sight star chatted with her social media followers and she was asked an interesting question.

Would you be open to dating any other MAFS men?” asked a curious Instagram user.

Beth clarified that she still hasn’t warmed up to dating anyone and is having the time of her life being single.

“Honey she ain’t dating period,” responded Beth. “I literally just took myself to NYC, shopped, frolicked, and ate with no f*** given. Why mess that feng shui of that up.”

MAFS star Beth Bice Instagram Story
Beth Bice talks about her personal life. Pic credit: @justbeth____/Instagram

Speaking of dating, the MAFS star had already expressed how she won’t even think about dating until her divorce is finalized, but that has been taking longer than expected.

Someone asked Beth for a divorce update after her recent revelation that their April 15 court date was delayed because Jamie filed for a continuance.

“It’s been continued until September. And that’s OK. Can’t get me down,” shared Beth. “I laugh about it. It doesn’t make me cry anymore because I think divorce has also lowered my IQ.”

Beth Bice throws more shade at the Denver cast

During the Q&A, Beth was also asked to share her thoughts on Season 17.

She’s already called out the Denver cast for turning the long-running series into a joke.

After being asked about the show., Beth threw even more shade at the cast.

She responded with a photo of her morning pastry and wrote, “This pastry was better than Season 17 and hotter….that is all.”

MAFS star Beth Bice Instagram Q&A
Beth Bice shades the Season 17 cast. Pic credit: @justbeth____/Instagram

Meanwhile, let’s bust out the bubbly because there’s only one episode left in Season 17, and then we’ll bid goodbye to the Denver cast once and for all.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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rickn millman
rickn millman
22 days ago

if you remember, Beth was a real nut case when she was on MAFS. I was surprised they both decided to stay married.