MAFS alums slam Denver cast for ‘single handedly’ turning the show into the ‘biggest joke’

MAFS alums Jamie Otis and Beth Bice screenshot
Jamie Otis and Beth Bice slam the MAFS cast. Pic credit: Lifetime/Hanging with the Hehners/YouTube

The Married at First Sight Season 17 cast plotted and schemed behind-the-scenes and all it did was give us the most boring season in the show’s history.

Viewers have been bashing the cast since they admitted they came together at the start of the season to plot out how they would fake storylines and still get paid.

While we know that the experts and producers are likely upset with being conned by the Denver cast, they’re not the only ones who are upset.

Several MAFS alums spoke out on social media, accusing the cast of single-handedly, turning the show into “the biggest joke.”

Beth Bice, Jamie Otis, Vincent Morales, Nicole and her husband Chris Thielk, and Miguel Santiago took to social media after Part 1 of the reunion aired and they had a lot to say.

The alums responded to a clip that showed the cast talking backstage at the reunion as the women placed blame on the men, and vice versa for being the masterminds behind the plan.

Beth Bice and Jamie Otis slam the Season 17 cast for turning the show into a ‘joke’

After a clip was posted online Jamie Otis jumped into the comments to air her displeasure about the season.

“What has happened to married at first sight 😭😭😭 …I’m ready for next season w people who are truly committed to the process and genuinely want love and marriage bc I know when it works, it really works!💯,” wrote the Season 1 alum.

We also spotted Nicole Thielk asking, “For everyone who said the past few seasons were boring….is this the preferred alternative? 🤔.”

The comment garnered a response from Season 9 star Beth Bice, who wrote: “@nicoley_woley this was more like a season of big brother with the plotting and scheming.”

“Congratulations Denver for single handedly turning this show into the biggest joke,” she added.

Beth Bice and Jamie Otis slam the Denver couples
MAFS alums weigh in. Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

More MAFS alums speak out after Part 1 of the reunion

The women weren’t the only ones outraged by how things played out in Season 17, we spotted some former MAFS husbands in the mix as well.

“Damn, this some high school s**t,” Miguel Santiago bluntly stated.

Vincent Morales added a laughing emoji and compared the show to The Real Housewives.

MAFS alums slam the Denver cast on social media
MAFS alums share their thoughts. Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

Chris Thielk called the season “beyond confusing,” and noted that it was “Very sad how it all played out.”

“Just seemed like way too much worrying how you look on camera was going on and not being open to the process,” he continued. “Chicago is my hometown so hoping there will be some better luck next season! 🤞🏻.”

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Gail Wood
Gail Wood
1 month ago

I agree with them. This season was awful! Go back to the original premise of the show.It was boring and predictable. Whoever decided they should all hang out together was so wrong.

Laura M
Laura M
1 month ago

Wasn’t Emily the one that never was in a relationship before and Clare a psychologist? It was terrible what Emily had to go through after her injury, but Brennan seemed authentically concerned and was extremely supportive of her during her recovery. Sorry, but she is a self centered, ungrateful, man hater… No wonder she could never land a relationship. When Brennan stated that her negativity turned him off, I could see that from the first couple of episodes. All she does is piss and moan, point the finger at Brennan, accusing him of the very things she was saying/doing. An immature narcissist who did nothing but complain the whole show “poor me” and then rallying the others together to pour fuel on the fire of every other female cast member’s relationship by playing victim. Then, on the after party, disrespects Keshia when she asks her to clarify her self by yelling back at her and portraying a very mentally unstable individual. Emily needs some major psychological counseling, and not from Clare, who seems like she has her own psychological issues. This season was a cluster-f*** all around including Orion & Michael. Such a waste of air time.