MAFS star Miguel Santiago recovering after spinal surgery — Here’s what we know

MAFS star Miguel Santiago screenshot
Miguel Santiago is recovering well after surgery. Pic credit: Lifetime

Miguel Santiago has been away from social media for a while and now we know why.

The Married at First Sight Season 15 star underwent spinal surgery and is now in recovery.

He recently posted an update on social media, telling his followers that the surgery went well, and now he’s ready to get his life back.

It’s been a rough couple of years for Miguel, who’s been suffering from spinal stenosis coupled with a herniated disc, which caused crippling lower back pain.

The 37-year-old made some lifestyle changes, including an anti-inflammatory diet and daily stretching exercises, hoping to minimize the chronic flare-ups.

However, the condition worsened, and at one point, it affected Miguel’s ability to stand straight, and it made walking very difficult.

Miguel opted to undergo surgery, and he recently shared an update on his recovery.

MAFS star Miguel Santiago undergoes spinal decompression surgery

The MAFS star’s last post was in the summer of 2023; since then, he’s been MIA on social media.

Miguel has been dealing with chronic pain but returned to Instagram in March 2024 with a health update.

His video was recorded the day before the surgery but posted the day after.

“Surgery was yesterday and feeling hella sore but also hopeful that maybe I can finally heal from my spinal stenosis and herniated disc,” noted Miguel in the post.

“I know I’ve been MIA, I’ve been dealing with this health issue,” continued the MAFS star who noted that he would change his journey in hopes of being a “source of information for those going thru something similar.”

Miguel has gotten his life back after surgery

The MAFS Season 15 star shared another update with a video showing the difference before and after his spinal surgery.

The clip shows Miguel hunched over, and unable to stand straight as he noted “Walking was very difficult for me, my lower back was locked into place…I could not stand straight.”

The video was taken three days after his surgery and he was already able to stand straight.

Things have continued to improve since then, as Miguel shared a two-week update in the caption of his post.

Miguel said he was “still stiff” and experiencing “some pain” but said, “I already feel like my spine surgery has given me my life back.”

“I know it’s gonna be a rocky road to a full recovery but I’m hopeful that I’ll get there,” he added.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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