MAFS star Beth Bice says Jamie Thompson rushed to join dating apps after their split

MAFS exes Jamie Thompson and Beth Bice screenshot
Beth Bice calls out her ex, Jamie Thompson. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jamie Thompson is not wasting any time in trying to find love again after his split from wife, Beth Bice.

So, if you’re swiping one of those online apps, don’t be surprised if you see the Married at First Sight star pop up on your screen.

That’s according to Beth, who expressed her disdain for dating in general, and especially for dating online.

The raven-haired beauty opened up on social media and confessed that a “new ick” was unlocked due to how quickly her ex rushed to join online dating services after their breakup.

Beth and Jamie are not yet divorced but are scheduled for a court date very soon.

Amid ongoing marital issues in 2023, the Season 9 couple took some time apart, but a few months later, Jamie revealed that he had filed for divorce.

The breakup was not an amicable one, as the exes are not on speaking terms, and Beth has hinted at some shady behavior by Jamie, which she plans to share with the world after their divorce is finalized.

MAFS star Beth Bice says she needs ‘help’ with dating

After four years of marriage, Beth is single, but not quite ready to mingle.

The MAFS alum has previously stated that she has no interest in dating, and certainly not until after she signs those divorce papers.

However, during a recent TikTok chat, she wanted advice about dating after divorce.

“I need help!!! I can not shake this feeling of dating again,” noted Beth in the caption of her post.

“This is for my divorced girlies, girls going through a divorce…I’ll even lump in the long-term relationship breakups,” said Beth in the video. “When did you start wanting, or tried to date again?”

The 34-year-old stated that she’s not attracted to anyone and hates the idea of sitting through an awkward date and getting to know someone new.

Beth Bice reveals ‘new ick’ as her ex Jamie Thompson searches for love online

The MAFS star also talked about dating apps and noted that there’s nobody in real life that she would “swipe right on.”

Beth revealed, “On top of that, my ex was on dating apps before, like, the process server could pull out of the driveway from serving him.”

“That released a new ick for me, so we’re not gonna do that,” said Beth, who added that she’s “terrified” to start dating again.

By the way, would you swipe left or right on Jamie Thompson if you saw him on a dating app? Let us know in the comment section below.

Married At First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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