MAFS exes Beth Bice, Jamie Thompson divorce delayed — Here’s what we know

MAFS star Beth Bice screenshot
Beth Bice shares an update on her divorce. Pic credit: Lifetime

Beth Bice was counting down the moment until she was officially divorced from Jamie Thompson, but now she has a lot more counting to do.

Unfortunately, her April 15 court date has been pushed back, and the Married at First Sight star is disappointed.

Beth recently took to social media and informed her followers that her estranged husband, Jamie Thompson, has delayed their divorce, so now the waiting game continues.

It’s been a rocky split for the former couple, who officially called it quits on their marriage in 2023, a few months after separating.

The time apart was meant to allow both parties space and time to resolve the growing issues in their marriage.

However, they were unable to find common ground so instead of reuniting, they opted to part ways for good.

Jamie announced that he was the one who filed for divorce, and since then, there’s been troubling allegations against him.

Beth recently accused Jamie of abuse, claiming he gave her two black eyes during the marriage. However, the 39-year-old has yet to respond to the claims.

Meanwhile, Beth has been patiently waiting for things to play out in court, but she’ll have to wait a little longer.

Beth Bice and Jamie Thompson’s divorce hearing has been delayed

Beth Bice received disappointing news as she was preparing to face off with Jamie in court on April 15.

The MAFS star will have to wait a little longer for her day in court, thanks to Jamie.

During an Instagram Q&A, Beth’s Instagram followers wanted to celebrate what should have been her last month as a married woman, with one person writing, “April is here!! divorce month!!!”

However, Beth shared a screenshot of the update she posted on TikTok about that.

“Me not crying because I was supposed to get divorced April 15th but said someone just filed a continuance,” the TikTok post read.

“Yup, this happened today,” added Beth.

Beth Bice Instagram Story
Beth Bice’s divorce update. Pic credit: @justbth___/Instagram

MAFS star Beth Bice talks about Karma amid divorce delay

In case you’re wondering how Beth has been dealing with her split, well she’s been throwing a lot of shade at her ex, that’s how.

After getting the bad news about her divorce being delayed, the red-haired beauty took to Instagram with a post about Karma, as she showed off the stunning view from her new apartment.

“If someone wants to bring you down that’s their karma not yours. Keep your head up and your views bright!” she noted in the Instagram caption.

“This divorce continuance can’t bring me down. (Yes someone filed a continuance)!!!!!!! Everyone have the best weekend you can have! #behappy #lovelife” she added.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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1 month ago

Patience is a vartue, Bice, how I wish things can work out for you though you were my favorite couple.