Howie Mandel reveals the real reason he had to miss part of America’s Got Talent

Howie Mandel from America's Got Talent
Howie Mandel from America’s Got Talent. Pic credit: ©

Howie Mandel was only on half of America’s Got Talent last week and then he was missing for the second half of the show.

It confused some fans, wondering where he went all of a sudden.

The answer was simple, as we previously reported that AGT pre-taped all the audition rounds and live shows won’t take place until August.

The auditions take place over different days, which people who pay attention to what the judges are wearing would realize.

The first half was on one day and the second half was on another.

As we reported, Howie got sick and had to miss some of auditions.

Now we know what was wrong with him.

The real reason Howie Mandel missed America’s Got Talent

The real reason Howie Mandel missed the auditions in the second half of America’s Got Talent last week was because he tested positive for COVID-19.

The message came before his absence, and people are just now catching that he actually said what was wrong before he disappeared.

“Howie, are you gone for some of the tapings?” one fan asked on Twitter. “You’re not in Urban Crews audition.”

Howie responded, “I got Covid.”

howie mandel reveals on twitter he tested positive for covid-19
Pic credit: @howiemandel/Twitter

COVID-19 still causing problems on TV

While not as many people are talking about COVID-19 these days, it is still out there and is still affecting countless people.

Howie Mandel missed at least the one show, and there is a chance he could be absent from more depending on how they taped them and what order the auditions were edited in.

It takes a week or more to get back to work after testing positive.

This was also a problem on American Idol in its last season.

The eventual winner, Noah Thompson, had to miss a week in the competition because he tested positive for COVID-19. Fritz Hager, who was in the top 5, also missed a week.

Both singers returned the next week after negative tests, although both said they were in great pain when they had COVID-19.

It was also a detriment last season on Dancing with the Stars. Cheryl Burke and Cody Rigsby contracted COVID-19 and had to use audition footage one week and dance virtually the next because of the positive tests.

Derek Hough also missed judging the finals after he caught COVID-19.

America’s Got Talent airs on Tuesday nights, at 8/7c, on NBC.

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