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How many Below Deck spin-offs are there and when do they air?

Below Deck: Here are the spin-offs of the hit yachting show.
The Below Deck franchise continues to keep growing. Pic credit: Peacock

The Below Deck franchise will reach its 10-year mark with the next season of the OG show. As the series continues to keep fans glued to their television screens, more spin-offs are emerging.

In 2013 Bravo debuted a show about crew members working aboard a luxury yacht. Captain Lee Rosbach helmed the show. Over the years, the hit-yachting show became a mega-hit for Bravo, sparking new franchises that are equally as successful.

While Below Deck isn’t as big as, say, the Real Housewives franchise, it has spawned quite a few spin-offs.

Let’s take a look at all the Below Deck spin-offs.

How many Below Deck spin-offs are there?

There are five Below Deck spin-offs and six total shows in the yachting franchise, including the Captain Lee mega-hit.

Below Deck Mediterranean was the first Below Deck spin-off. It premiered three years after the original show in 2016. Instead of hanging out in the Caribbean, the new installment featured gorgeous views of the Mediterranean.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht was next and kicked off in 2020. The new show takes place aboard a luxury sailing yacht instead of a motor yacht.

Galley Talk joined the Below Deck family in January 2021 with a new twist on the series. Below Deck and Below Deck Med alum comment on episodes from the hit franchise.

Below Deck Down Under is the newest Below Deck spin-off launching this year in March. The show takes place in Australia, specializing in guests snorkeling and scuba diving along the Great Barrier Reef.

Below Deck Adventure is the final spin-off in the series. It puts a cold water twist on the yachting franchise, which usually takes place in warmer waters.

When do the Below Deck spin-offs air?

A general schedule of Below Deck has emerged in the past couple of years thanks to Bravo having the hit show air on Monday nights.

Below Deck with Captain Lee premieres in the fall each year. Season 10 of Below Deck has already been filmed and should hit airwaves around the same time.

Summer has become the season for Below Deck Mediterranean, with Season 7 expected to drop in June or July. Below Deck Sailing Yacht tends to premiere immediately following Below Deck, which puts the premiere in the winter each year.

The wild card in the assumed schedule is Below Deck Adventure, which has not premiered yet. Depending on whether the network adds another night of Below Deck or pushes the other shows, it will alter the Below Deck schedule.

Below Deck Down Under dropped on Peacock, making it the only show in the franchise to premiere on the streaming service. The new show’s airtime is unknown since the spin-off is starting.

As for Galley Talk, the show’s schedule remains a mystery. Bravo randomly airs it and tends to only air a handful of episodes at once. The show hasn’t officially been renewed yet, either. However, the network never officially announces renewals.

There are six Below Deck shows, and new episodes of one of them are always airing on Bravo or Peacock.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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