Below Deck Season 10: Is Heather Chase returning as chief stew?

Heather Chase from Below Deck: Will she return for Season 10 of Bravo show?
Heather may not be done with reality television. Pic credit: Bravo

Is Heather Chase returning to Below Deck Season 10? That’s a question the chief stew has been bombarded with in the past few days since she returned to social media after a brief hiatus.

The blonde beauty was introduced to Below Deck fans on Season 9. Heather earned mixed reactions from viewers for her leadership style, especially where stew Jessica Albert was concerned.

Things got worse for Heather when she said a racial slur on-screen offending deckhand Rayna Lindsey. Heather apologized, but the fallout from the situation did little to gain her any fans.

As rumblings about Season 10 of Below Deck emerge, the chief stew’s possible return has become one hot topic.

Is Heather Chase returning for Below Deck Season 10 as chief stew?

In a recent Instagram Q&A session, Heather was flooded with the same question. Is she coming back to Below Deck?

One reason the question has been so popular is that Heather took time off social media because she was doing a charter season. Heather’s social media absence occurred around the same time Below Deck Season 10 was filming.

The Bravo personality played coy when answering the question. Three different times in one Q&A session, Heather was asked about the show. Heather had various responses but did not give anything away.

In one reply, she responded, “ask me juicier questions.” Another one simply had emojis, and the final was just a picture of Heather looking annoyed.

Heather Chase Below Deck question.
Pic credit: @heatherkapiolani/Instagram

Details surrounding Below Deck Season 10 are being kept under wraps. However, speculation that Captain Sandy Yawn will fill in for Captain Lee Rosbach mid-season has been brewing.

Below Deck Season 10 wrapped filming in mid-March, keeping with its normal February to March production schedule.

Heather answers Below Deck crew questions.

Along with not speaking out about her possible Below Deck return, Heather answered some fun questions about some of her co-stars. Captain Lee was revealed as one of her all-time favorites. 

The chief stew admitted post-show depression is real, declaring she missed working with Fraser Olender and Kaylee Milligan. Although Heather doesn’t miss Kaylee as much because the two are good friends who hang out all the time.

Heather even gave some thoughts on Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Gary King. The first officer has viewers talking after making out with the entire Parsifal III interior crew on Season 3 of the show. She called Gary a legend but remarked Daisy Kelliher will always be the legend of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Heather Chase Below Deck comments on crew.
Pic credit: @heatherkapiolani/Instagram

Only time will tell if Heather Chase returns for Below Deck Season 10, but the question remains, do you want to see her back on the show?

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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1 year ago

Absolutely want Heather back. Best chief stu of the lot.

1 year ago

Be great to see Heather return. She managed the interior to insure that the guests enjoyed a first class experience. The mental illness of RL was kept under wraps from the charter guests.

10 months ago

Yes! I would love to see her back. She is a hard working girl, more so than the other chief stews that have been on Below Deck. Bring her back. She apologized for her using the N word. Give her a chance to redeem herself. The reason Rayna carried on is she didn’t like doing interior work and Heather giving her orders. So Rayna started some
Sh t. Bring Heather Back! Good luck to Rayna too, she needs to get over it and herself and move on.

Kathleen A Haracopos
Kathleen A Haracopos
9 months ago

Yes bring her back! Raynes comments about white people and white privilege in season 9 was was never addressed? I was offended by here SEVERAL remarks and put downs about white people!

Ted Kozlowski
Ted Kozlowski
8 months ago

White people are sensitive