Here’s why new deckhand Dylan has Below Deck fans questioning the show

Dylan Pierre De Villiers on Below Deck Season 11
Dylan has raised some eyebrows about Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Dylan Pierre De Villiers made his Below Deck debut this week as the new deckhand.

The newbie arrived after Bosun Jared Woodin was fired and Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby took on the leadership role.

Below Deck viewers watched Dylan arrive (literally) on the last day of a charter.

The way it looked on the show, he arrived hours before the St. David returned to the dock to drop off the latest group of charter guests.

However, one thing now has Below Deck fans questioning when Dylan really joined the crew.

This has also raised eyebrows regarding just how edited Below Deck is as the second half of Season 11 begins.

Here’s why new deckhand Dylan on Below Deck Season 11 has fans questioning the show

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, following his Below Deck premiere, Dylan thanked the fans for the love and support. Dylan also shared two photos from his time on Below Deck Season 11 to his Instagram Stories.

One of those pictures has Below Deck fans questioning when he joined the St. David crew. Dylan shared a photo of him with Stew Cat Baugh on what appears to be a crew night out.

Posing in front of a mirror with Cat for a selfie, Dylan wrote, “Also lots of love for this amazing human.”

Dylan and Cat on his IG Story
Dylan’s selfie with Cat has Below Deck fans questioning the show. Pic credit: @dilldevill/Instagram

So, here’s where fans are confused or rather are questioning the editing on the show. On Below Deck, Dylan and Cat never crossed paths because she left the day before he arrived.

The picture has the rumor mill running wild that Dylan actually arrived well before Cat left. After all, the photo appears to have been taken on a crew night out – possibly two days before Below Deck viewers saw Dylan arrive on the show.

Could it be the Below Deck viewers were tricked?

It sure could be! However, there’s also the chance that Cat and Dylan somehow knew each other before filming.

They could have also met when the cast gets together to do pick-up interviews in Los Angeles. The photo causing speculation about editing very well could have been from then.

We do know that Dylan made another appearance on a Bravo show this week.

Below Deck star Dylan Pierre De Villiers appears on Vanderpump Rules

The next night after his Below Deck debut, Dylan was briefly on Vanderpump Rules. At the end of the episode, where a group fight erupted, Dylan was spotted sitting between Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay.

Although Dylan didn’t speak at all, X (formerly) Twitter was still on fire following Bravo giving viewers a double dose of Dylan this week.

“First Oisin going from #PumpRules to #SouthernHospitality…. now Dylan on #PumpRules when he’s on #BelowDeck…??????? We see you @BravoTV, this is fake af,” read an X that showcased a Reddit thread about Dylan on Vanderpump Rules.

One X user called the whole thing random, and we agree.

Another X wondered by Dylan was appearing on another show.

Dylan Pierre De Villiers has Below Deck fans buzzing this week as a photo he shared has brought up editing, switching up his timeline on the show. Then he was randomly on Vanderpump Rules, making us wonder what’s up with this guy.

Looks like we will have to keep watching Below Deck to find out. Hopefully, a Below Deck Season 11 reunion will happen so we can get the dates for Dylan’s Vanderpump Rules appearance.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9//8c on Bravo. Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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