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Here’s what LPBW viewers had to say about Zach and Tori Roloff using Jackson to tell Matt they’re moving

LPBW couple Zach and Tori Roloff
Zach and Tori chose to have Jackson share the news they were moving from Oregon to Washington. Pic credit: TLC

Zach and Tori Roloff came under fire by Little People, Big World viewers, after they decided to let Jackson deliver the news to Matt and Caryn that they were moving out of state.

During the Season 23 premiere of LPBW, Zach and Tori opened up about the tensions between themselves and Zach’s dad Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

When farm negotiations took a left turn, tensions rose. Zach and Tori and their kids distanced themselves from Matt and Caryn.

So when Zach and Tori made a trip to the farm with Jackson and Lilah to visit with Matt and Caryn, things were expectedly awkward.

Zach and Tori Roloff have Jackson announce their move to Washington

However, Zach and Tori didn’t travel to the farm just to hang out with Matt and Caryn. They had another purpose in mind: telling them they were leaving Oregon and moving to Battle Ground, Washington.

Rather than deliver the news themselves, Zach sneakily whispered to Jackson, asking him to tell Matt and Caryn the big news.

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  1. ZACK is not a COWARD,He can certainly SPEAK for Himself It was not meant to COP OUT!! ZACK is a LOVING SON ,,GREAT DAD, GREAT HUSBAND and LOVING PERSON ALL AROUND. MATT is a CONTROL FREAK,MONEY HUNGRY. Matt should tell his .MISTRESS to butt OUT like AMY and CHRIS have, LOVE you ZACK don’t give in to NEGATIVE COMMENTS.

  2. It was wrong to use Jackson, but I can understand why they did. Can you imagine the fireworks once dear old Dad heard that news?

  3. Matt loves money more than his own son. It’s really sad. I feel bad for Tori and Zach, but glad the found a nice house and property. I usually don’t approve of getting kids put into the middle, but in this case Matt (and Caryn) don’t deserve any respect.


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