Hannah Ferrier opens up about anxiety and panic attacks while filming Below Deck Mediterranean

Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Med talks panic attacks and anxiety on Bravo show.
Hannah continues to share her mental health struggles with fans. Pic credit: Bravo

Hannah Ferrier has opened up about suffering from anxiety and panic attacks while filming Below Deck Mediterranean.

Season 5 of Below Deck Med brought mental health struggles front and center. Hannah had a panic attack after her good pal chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran left the yacht.

Malia White helped Hannah through the attack but then turned her into Captain Sandy Yawn for having Valium on the yacht. Captain Sandy ended up firing Hannah for not declaring Valium. Fans became outraged that Hannah was let go because of a prescription drug for mental health.

Although Hannah has moved on from Below Deck Mediterranean, she’s still a mental health advocate and sharing her story.

Hannah shares rare photo of a panic attack on Below Deck Med

Over the weekend, Hannah used her Instagram Stories to give fans a glimpse at how debilitating her anxiety got on the Bravo show. The photo features Hannah lying in a chair, with sunglasses covering her eyes and a producer trying to get her to eat.

“The reality of filming Below Deck! Production trying to feed me when I have anxiety and I’m not eating,” Hannah captioned her Instagram Stories.

Hannah also recently got honest about her first panic attack on Below Deck Mediterranean, which the cameras did not capture.

“Season 1 I will never forget this, and I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone this. I had the worst panic attack, and I was lying down behind a couch on the boat. And I removed my microphone, and I could hear the cameras trying to find me,” she shared on the Berning in Hell podcast.

Was Hannah’s panic attack a sign?

Hannah recalled trying to hide her panic attack. Now looking back, Hannah can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t a sign that she should have never gone back.

“I was having an anxiety and a panic attack,” Hannah expressed. “And trying to just breathe, but I didn’t want them to hear where I was. That was probably a sign I shouldn’t have gone back when you are cowering behind a couch on like day 30 of your job. Maybe leave?”

Fans are grateful Hannah didn’t leave the show. There’s no question Below Deck Med Season 6 won’t be the same without her.

Season 3 was another challenging season for Hannah regarding her panic attacks. Hannah’s relationship with Conrad Empson was a big factor contributing to her mental health, causing an anxiety attack that the cameras did capture.

Hannah Ferrier continues to share her mental health journey with fans in the hopes her story will help just one person.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus.

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