Gabi Elnicki dishes on her friendship with Kaity and epic ‘mud moment’ on The Bachelor finale

Gabi Elnicki the bachelor
Gabi Elnicki dished on her friendship and epic moment on the show. Pic credit: Hulu

Gabi Elnicki may have gotten stuck in the mud during The Bachelor finale, but she wouldn’t let the same happen to Kaity Biggar.

Season 27 viewers saw frontman Zach Shallcross get engaged to Kaity during the season’s live finale event on Monday, March 27.

Before Zach got down on one knee, however, he had his gut-wrenching breakup with Gabi just moments before.

While Gabi had her fair share of ups and downs on the season, specifically in terms of Fantasy Suite Week, Zach kept her until the last moment before informing her that she would not receive his final rose.

Gabi admitted to having a “gut feeling” that she would not be chosen, and her thoughts were shown the moment she stepped out of the car before her breakup with Zach.

Gabi memorably stepped into a muddy patch, telling producers to avoid that spot when dropping off Kaity — or in Gabi’s words, “when it actually matters.”

Gabi Elnicki says she didn’t want anything to ruin ‘Kaity’s moment’ on The Bachelor

While appearing on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast this week, Gabi went into detail about the iconic moment that had Bachelor Nation rooting for the friendship between Zach’s leading ladies.

Gabi explained that she was “a little bit activated” going into that final day, claiming that she just “knew” she wasn’t going to be getting engaged.

“Getting out of the car, my heels sunk into the mud, and I could see everyone was stressed, but I literally sunk into the mud. Luckily my dress was a little bit short, so it didn’t get in the mud,” she continued.

Gabi also clarified that she was talking to production when telling someone off-camera to choose a different dropoff spot for Kaity. “Everyone thought I was yelling at the driver, but I wasn’t yelling at the driver of the car, I was speaking to production when they were telling me to come forward, and I needed to get out of the mud,” she revealed.

“This was about to be Kaity’s moment, and she should get out and feel happy and excited, so don’t make her heels sink into the mud and throw her off balance,” continued the runner-up.

Gabi gushes over her friendships with Kaity Biggar and Ariel Frenkel

After detailing her experience on the final day of filming, Click Bait host Joe Amabile asked Kaity about her friendships on the show, specifically why she, Kaity, and Ariel all chose to share the same photo on Instagram at the same time.

After their first week in Thailand, all three women shared the same photo of them standing at the rose ceremony, accompanied by the same three emojis.

“We wanted to show that we’re in this together. The girls from this season were all so awesome,” Gabi explained on the reasoning behind the share.

Gabi continued to gush over her friendship with both Kaity and Ariel throughout the season, saying they were the ones she “clicked with the most” from the start of the show.

“We were always together, and we were always in each other’s rooms. We really got each other,” she said.

Gabi said the three women all came up with the idea to post the photo together, primarily to show that they are still close friends and will continue to support one another.

Especially since the show’s editing can be unpredictable, the point of the photo was to show that they “have each other’s back through the rest of this and afterwards” –no matter how they were perceived by viewers.

The ladies were also close with Charity Lawson, who was eliminated by Zach after hometowns the week before.

Charity will now lead the next season of The Bachelorette, which is set to air on ABC later this year.

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, June 26 at 9/8c on ABC.

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