Frenchie would like to play Big Brother again, regrets nothing from time on BB23

Frenchie BB23 Week 1 HOH
Brandon French (Frenchie) was a member of the Big Brother 23 cast during Summer 2021. Pic credit: CBS

Brandon “Frenchie” French came out of the gate hot during Big Brother 23 and that energy ended up being his own downfall.

Now that he has had time to process everything that happened while he was a member of the BB23 cast, Frenchie would like to play the game again.

Recently, Frenchie spoke about wanting to play Survivor or The Amazing Race. He also noted that he would like to try his hand on The Challenge for MTV. But he also wants a second chance to show what he could do in the Big Brother house.

There are actually quite a few members of the BB23 cast who want to play the game again – most notably members of The Cookout who would like a chance to just play for themselves instead of a common goal.

Frenchie doesn’t regret anything from Big Brother 23

While speaking with Britini D’Angelo during a live Instagram session, Frenchie said that he has no regrets from the season and that he learned from the mistakes that he made. Frenchie went on to say that he “took it as a life lesson” when talking about his experience on Big Brother.

Frenchie accepted the mistakes that he made while playing the game and he “without a doubt” is interested in appearing as a houseguest during a future season of the show. As a self-professed superfan of the game, he could certainly be fun to watch now that he has a handle on how the game feels from the inside.

Frenchie had taken a break from social media

At first, it seemed like Frenchie took his loss on Big Brother 23 extremely hard. When he won the first Head of Household Competition and took the power in the house on Day 1, the high of that accomplishment likely made it even harder to accept being evicted the very next week.

It’s good to see that he has re-centered himself and, if he got a second chance to show the Big Brother fans how much he loves the game, he could be fun to watch as part of a future All-Stars season or as part of a duos twist.

“Getting constantly dragged by fans etc, and knowing what’s in my heart and knowing who I really am instead of what they ‘think’ has been an inner battle but each day gets a little better,” Frenchie recently posted on Instagram.

That post definitely reveals that Frenchie has more that he wants to show Big Brother fans.

Celebrity Big Brother coming this winter

A new season of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition will air this winter on CBS. We have a guess about the date the celebrities will be revealed, but the great news is that we will get a winter season to help bridge the gap between summer installments.

And for anyone who is interested in possibly taking part in Big Brother 24, applications are open online in order to apply.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS in Winter 2022.

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