Ami Brown update: Family ‘hopeful’ as Alaskan Bush People star starts more cancer treatment

Ami Brown and Rain Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Ami, who has started her second course of chemotherapy treatment, and daughter Rain

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown has started a second round of chemotherapy as she battles cancer, her daughter Rain has confirmed.

Rain said she was unable to share exactly how her mom was doing but said that she and the rest of the Brown family were “hopeful and faithful”.

She also thanked fans for flooding the family with “support and love” as they dealt with her mother’s illness.

The update on Ami is the first to officially come from the Brown family since she and Billy spoke to People magazine back in August.

Rain revealed the news as she wrote on Instagram about spending time with her mom. She said of Ami: “She is now going though her second round of chemo, sadly I can’t say how she is doing just yet, but we are all hopeful and faithful, thank you all so much for your support and love in this harsh time.”

Fans showered Rain with support after she posted the message. One said: “Thank you so much for the update. Rainie we love your family. Ami is in our prayers.”

Another added: “Please tell your mom that we all love her and she is in our prayers always.”

We told last week how it was believed Ami was about to start her second round of chemotherapy as she battles stage 3b, possibly stage 4 lung cancer.

It came after she was said to have finished her first course of treatment last month. The family are currently living in Beverly Hills not far from UCLA Medical Center where Ami is undergoing treatment.

The family moved there following her diagnosis, which unfolded during the last season of Alaskan Bush People — with her gruelling treatment regime being revealed on the show.

Rain’s post comes days after she wrote another thanking her mom for looking after her as she struggles with various issues including depression.

This week it was reported that filming on Alaskan Bush People Season 8 is set to start soon.

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