Fake Elvis from Big Brother has a fake apology to share

Daniel BB24 Sunglasses
The Big Brother 2022 season featured Daniel Durston. Pic credit: CBS

As Big Brother 25 gains the attention of social media users, one former houseguest would like some of that spotlight.

Daniel Durston was a Big Brother 24 cast member and claimed innocence for his behavior in the house.

He had the chance to become a Big Brother villain that people would rally around, but he is taking a different route.

At issue for many Big Brother viewers was how he treated Taylor Hale and then how he acted when it was clear how bad he was at playing the game.

The Elvis impersonator started the season strong, winning the first Head of Household Competition, but some poor choices led to him getting evicted fifth.

Daniel was sent home to watch the rest of the season play out and returned for the final night to watch Taylor win Big Brother 24.

He also had numerous excuses about why he could no longer speak to Nicole Layog, whom he had befriended in the house that season.

Daniel Durston issues an apology as a joke

Daniel wants everyone to know that he stands behind everything he said and did during Big Brother 24.

He made that very clear in the tweet below, where he calls himself “the Fake Elvis.”

Fake Elvis Tweet
A BB24 houseguest wants people to trust what he says. Pic credit: @DowntownDurston/Twitter

And now Daniel has shared a new video

For Daniel’s fans, the video likely comes off as being hilarious.

At first, he tries to lure people in with words about host Julie Chen Moonves and how he wants to correct his behavior by apologizing. But it’s all a ruse. And one that many of his social media followers found humor in.

“When I left the Big Brother house I told Julie I’d take some time to watch back all the episodes & live feeds to learn from my wrongdoings & correct them with an apology. Please take a moment #bigbrother #bb24 #bb25 #bblf,” Daniel wrote on Twitter.

The video begins with Daniel seemingly building up to an apology, but he pulls the rug out from anyone who fell for it by later stating that he has nothing to apologize for.

A new season of Big Brother arrives

A new season of Big Brother begins soon, and a video about the BB25 twist was revealed.

It also looks like the producers are ready with a new Have-Not Room for BB25, with some amusing beds for the houseguests.

This summer will feature the longest Big Brother season in history after the network extended it.

And the early BB25 episode schedule is out. Fans should note that days and times switch when summer rolls into fall.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Proud of you Daniel! Talk yo stuff #BDD 🔥🤡

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Alan A.
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Alan A.
Alan A.
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Rondha Hooks Prince
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Legends do legendary shxt!!! I can’t wait for CHICAGO BABY!!!!