Faith Martin reacts to The Golden Bachelor viewers after emotional Women Tell All 

Faith Martin at The Golden Bachelor Women Tell All
Faith Martin spoke out after The Golden Bachelor Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

Faith Martin saw Gerry Turner face-to-face at The Golden Bachelor Women Tell All for the first time since he sent her home after Hometown Dates.

It was a difficult decision for Gerry that ended in a cliffhanger the week before the Women Tell All aired.

After telling Faith and Leslie both that he loved them during Hometowns, The Golden Bachelor viewers got a little upset.

They tore into Gerry on social media for the slip-up, especially after he promised Faith’s family that he wouldn’t break her heart.

Ultimately, Gerry decided not to move forward with Faith, which led some to believe she may be the first The Golden Bachelorette star.

Fans cheered even harder for Faith after seeing her on the Women Tell All special after she told Gerry that she didn’t get closure after her exit.

The two shared hugs and tears, with Gerry apologizing for letting her and her family down.

Faith Martin thanks The Golden Bachelor viewers

Faith’s emotional time on the Women Tell All was well received by The Golden Bachelor fans, who couldn’t believe Gerry sent her home.

It’s clear that she’s feeling the love, too, because Faith took the time to respond to fans and to share her gratitude.

She shared a photo of herself and Gerry embracing on the Women Tell All.

“I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the amount of love and support I’ve received from Bachelor Nation, thank you ❤️,” she wrote in the caption of the photo.

Faith Martin isn’t convinced a relationship with Gerry Turner would have worked out

Now that Faith has been able to reflect on her relationship with Gerry following her exit from the show, she revealed that she didn’t know if a relationship would have worked with him anyway.

As we saw during the Hometown Dates, Faith made it clear that she wouldn’t move away from her family in Washington, as she wanted to be close in case they needed her.

Gerry is also close to his family and lives in Indiana. And while he said earlier that he would consider moving to be with his person, it sounds like a move to Washington isn’t something he would consider.

But when it comes to the process, Faith said she’s seen what The Golden Bachelor producers can do, and she still believes.

She’s even interested in being the first The Golden Bachelorette star so she can find the right man for her. The woman-led spinoff still hasn’t been announced by The Bachelor production, but we’re hopeful that we’ll hear some official news in the coming weeks.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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