Faith Martin explains why romance with Gerry Turner wouldn’t have worked after The Golden Bachelor elimination

Faith Martin on The Golden Bachelor
Faith Martin reconnected with Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

Gerry Turner shocked viewers last night on The Golden Bachelor when he sent Faith Martin home.

The move came after telling her in front of her family that he loved her — something Gerry profoundly regrets.

Faith has said that she was also surprised considering their deep connection and, well, Gerry’s declaration that he loved her.

Little did she know, Gerry told Leslie Fhima that he loved her too or that their connection was also very deep.

She also said that she felt there was no closure, as Faith only got a moment with Gerry before she was sent off from the mansion.

Now, Faith is speaking out about the experience. While she did get her heart broken, she doesn’t have any hard feelings, and she shared that a relationship with Gerry probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway.

Faith Martin doesn’t think Gerry Turner romance would have worked anyway

Glamour was at the taping of the Women Tell All and had the opportunity to ask Faith a few questions after her emotional conversation with Gerry.

Faith was asked if she thought she’d have a second chance with Gerry, should he come out of this experience single in the end.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Faith responded. “But that’s one I’d have to think about. I don’t know, it’s so easy to love him. You can’t be in his presence and not want to stay there. So that’d be a hard one.”

Then, Faith shared a bit more about why she doesn’t think it would work with Gerry, and it all came down to location. Faith clarified during the Hometown Dates that she wouldn’t be willing to move to Indiana for him, preferring to stay close to her children and grandchildren.

She told Glamour, “We talked about how it would work out and those logistics. I think that might be part of what he thought couldn’t work because I’m not a person that could see my kids twice a year. I need to be present there a lot.”

She continued, “And I think honestly, he really does have different feelings for the other women that may align more with what he’s looking for in life. Even though we can love each other and we have this great connection, I think he’s a very logistical guy. He’s very smart about what he needs in his life to make it work on a logistics level. And maybe we weren’t aligned in that way.”

Will Faith Martin be The Golden Bachelorette lead?

After Gerry Turner told Faith and Leslie that he loved them during Hometowns, viewers started rumbling about how this could be a setup for The Golden Bachelorette.

Since it was Faith who got eliminated, that would possibly put her in line for the top spot on the new spinoff when and if they announce it (and we’re going with when because everyone seems to want it.)

Even Faith said she’d be down to take over the lead spot should they call her to do The Golden Bachelorette. Now, we’re just watching and waiting for an announcement about the show and expect it will come in the upcoming weeks.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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