The Golden Bachelor spoilers: Gerry Turner doesn’t want to send a woman home

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry Turner is struggling to send someone home after Hometown Dates. Pic credit: ABC

The last episode of The Golden Bachelor ended on a cliffhanger.

After offering a rose to Leslie Fhima, Gerry Turner was left with a hard decision.

He only had one rose left and two women he admittedly had fallen in love with.

At the end of Episode 6, before Gerry handed out that last rose, he walked out of the room, bent over, and put his hands on his knees before admitting that he felt like he would throw up.

He didn’t hand out the rose, leaving viewers to wait to see who goes home and who moves on to the final two, Fantasy Suites, and ultimately, the season finale.

With the latest The Golden Bachelor spoilers for the next episode, we’re learning more about what was going through Gerry’s head as he struggled with giving out that last rose.

Gerry Turner doesn’t want to eliminate anyone else

When Gerry Turner chose who went to the final three, he admitted that it was a very hard decision to make.

He sent Ellen home (along with Sandra and Susan), confessing that he struggled the most with that choice after having bonded with her. Ellen admitted she was falling in love with him, only to leave the mansion at the very next rose ceremony.

Now, the choice has become even more challenging, to the point that it made him feel sick.

So, in the sneak peek for the upcoming episode, Jesse Palmer intervened, asking Gerry if he knows what he wants to do. Gerry responded, telling Jesse, “I know what I’m gonna do. I just don’t want to do it.”

We won’t spoil Gerry’s decision here but if you want to know which woman he sends home after that cliffhanger, click here.

The first The Golden Bachelorette Women Tell All

Following Gerry Turner’s heart-wrenching rose ceremony, The Golden Bachelor viewers can look forward to the first Women Tell All, and based on the sneak peek, all of our favorite women will be there.

Immediately, we see Kathy poking fun at her infamous “zip it” line. Natascha, Joan, and Ellen are all there, too. Ellen even admits that Gerry made her “feel like a princess.”

April Kirkwood, who recently called Gerry out, was on stage with him, imitating a chicken.

Hopefully, The Golden Bachelorette announcement will come during this episode. So far, it has not been greenlit, but we fully expect it will be, and we can’t wait to see who the lead will be.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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