The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner defends telling two women he loved them

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor Women Tell All
Gerry Turner is owning his biggest The Golden Bachelor mistake. Pic credit: ABC

Gerry Turner is among the best Bachelor stars in the franchise’s history.

However, The Golden Bachelor lead did make a huge faux pas during Hometown Dates.

He told Faith Martin and Leslie Fhima that he loved them, a move that was considered a big no-no until another Indiana native, Ben Higgins, did it on his season of The Bachelor.

That drew quite a bit of criticism from Bachelor Nation, as they were surprised Gerry did that, with many commenting that he seemed too mature to make such a move.

It was an even bigger shock for viewers who haven’t been keeping up with The Golden Bachelor spoilers when we learned that Gerry sent Faith home, giving his second final two rose to Theresa instead.

Gerry admitted during the Women Tell All that in doing what he did, he broke a promise to Faith Martin’s family, and that upset him more than anything.

But The Golden Bachelor star is defending his actions during filming, and he’s even got an explanation for why he told more than one woman that he loved her.

Gerry Turner meant what he said

Gerry Turner was questioned about many things during The Golden Bachelor Women Tell All, but possibly the most uncomfortable question for him was telling Faith and Leslie that he loved them during Hometown Dates.

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about his season of The Golden Bachelor, he explained why he did what he did.

“There are traditions in the Bachelor franchise, and one of them is for the Bachelor to totally screw up and use the L-word quite copiously,” Gerry explained. “But seriously, I would say that I wouldn’t back down from those statements with each one of those three women.”

He continued, “At the moment that I told them that, I loved them very much and had so much respect for them. But the important thing to remember is that I wasn’t at the end of the journey yet, and by the time I got to the end of the journey, it was pretty clear that I had only one woman of those three that was right for me.”

Gerry Turner confirms that he ‘found’ his ‘person’

We’re pretty sure we know who Gerry picked in the end, and you can read about that prediction here.

What we do know is that Gerry did find his person. He confirmed that to Gayle King during a surprise interview before the Women Tell All aired.

“I’ve found the person,” Gerry told Gayle.

“It was a very difficult choice,” he continued. “The three women at the end are all unique. I love them all, but there was a clear choice. It’s clarified in the Fantasy Suites.”

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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